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American industry consumes 3,000,000,000 aerosol cans every year, 375,000 tons of steel - enough to produce 500,000 cars.

Aerosolv® Aerosol Recycling System

is a puncture device requiring minimal maintenance while allowing users to convert spent aerosols into recyclable steel containers. Aerosol disposal systems help provide RCRA empty compliance after use. EPA certified units provide users with safe disposal methods of hazardous aerosol spray cans.

A wide variety of major industries utilize aerosol cans, spanning industrial manufacturing, municipalities, and vocational education, among others. What happens to an aerosol can after it has reached its useful life? Proper disposal guidelines dictate that pressurized aerosol cans are typically sealed in a drum to be processed as hazardous waste at a landfill or facility. The cans are considered to be hazardous because they contain a liquid hazardous waste or are still pressurized, which may cause them to potentially explode at the landfills. Companies that do not dispose of aerosol cans properly risk paying hefty fines.

  • Eliminate an entire RCRA waste stream and reduce disposal costs
  • Angled pin ensures a clean puncture every time
  • Two-piece coalescing filter / carbon cartridge captures odors and potentially harmful VOCs
  • Unit mounts on either a 30- or 55-gallon drum with standard 2" and ¾" bung
  • System works with domed mini, standard, and jumbo aerosol cans
  • Includes ground wire to prevent static buildup