What Spill Containment Berms Should You Use for Petroleum, Oil and Lubricant Storage Areas?

Petroleum, Oil and Lubricant (POL) storage areas are common in the manufacturing industry and government facilities. POL products keep equipment and vehicles running and in good condition. This creates the need for storage close to operating and maintenance areas. But, storing IBCs, drums or totes of hydrocarbon products is subject to regulations like the SPCC rule. The EPA fines companies that fail to provide secondary containment.

Justrite supplies oil containment solutions to the manufacturing and government sectors. Our robust line of QuickBerm® products help meet your spill containment needs.

Versatile, Dependable Oil Containment: Rigid-Lock QuickBerm

Reducing the size of POL storage areas makes sense for many reasons. It lowers the stock levels and operating costs on the site. It also reduces the risk of a major environmental or safety incident. Operators maintain a central warehouse with smaller POL areas close to the work site.

Rigid-Lock QuickBerms provide suitable oil containment for these smaller onsite stores. Their robust design enables forklift access by driving over the wall. Operators can leave down side walls during loading and unloading.

Durable and Tough Oil Containment: Industrial Inside Support QuickBerm

In some situations, a POL storage area may be irregularly shaped. Custom Industrial Inside Support QuickBerms meet this need. Their lightweight material and collapsible walls make them easy to deploy in minutes. Move and adjust as your changing POL storage needs dictate.

Inside Support QuickBerms feature a one-piece construction, allowing them to fold away into a small size. Heavy-duty aluminum wall supports help avoid damage from vehicle traffic.

Emergency Oil Containment: Rigid-Lock QuickBerm Lite

Spill berms are important in emergency situations. Every POL storage area should have at least one Rigid-Lock QuickBerm Lite available for quick deployment. Place underneath fuel tanks when refueling to capture spills or sudden leaks. The same principle applies when changing oil. Its leak-proof vinyl-coated fabric will withstand the effects of hydrocarbon chemicals.

Portable and versatile, the QuickBerm Lite is a perfect on-the-go spill containment berm. It folds down to a compact size for transporting in vehicles or storing with spill kits.

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Justrite offers technical support and a variety of oil containment products for POL storage areas. Our track record of protecting people and the environment extends more than 25 years. Let us use our experience in the manufacturing and government sectors to resolve your secondary containment needs. Find out more here.

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