Top 3 Spill Containment Berms for Reducing Fertilizer Pollution

Fertilizers are an essential ingredient to successful agriculture. In soil, the right amount of fertilizer is healthy. But, too much fertilizer contaminates the environment. It has the potential to migrate into surface water damaging aquatic life. Water containing spilled fertilizer is unfit for human consumption.

A swine farmer in Preble County, OH, experienced a 10,000-gallon liquid nitrogen fertilizer spill when a tank ruptured. A lined containment area captured most of the spill. But, damage to the liner from the rupture resulted in 3,000 gallons of liquid nitrogen escaping. Quick action to excavate the surrounding area prevented serious harm. EPA investigators only found trace amounts of fertilizer in a nearby creek and in the farmer’s well.

This incident highlights how important spill containment can be. Here are 3 scenarios of agricultural-related spills and appropriate containment solutions to prevent fertilizer pollution:

1. Spill Berms for Bulk Fertilizer Storage Areas

Suppliers deliver fertilizer in bags on pallets, in totes or in tankers. Every farm has a receiving area containing the bulk of their fertilizer stocks. Handling of containers and the movement of machinery creates a risk of damage and a spill. Contain bulk fertilizer storage areas to prevent spills from reaching water sources.

Rigid-Lock QuickBerms® feature a heavy-duty construction that makes them suitable for this purpose. The standard product comes in sizes up to 14 feet by 56 feet by 1 foot. Custom configurations are also available on request. The patented Rigid-Lock wall-support system maintains the berm walls securely in position, without obstructing internal surface area.

2. Spill Berms for Loading Areas

Farmers transfer liquid fertilizer from totes to tractor vessels for spraying on fields. Due to the robust nature of farm work, fittings and hoses can fail at any time. If this happens during loading, a large liquid fertilizer spill could result.

The Rigid-Lock QuickBerm Lite is a portable and versatile containment berm. Place it underneath the loading vessel on a tractor for capturing leaks. Move the berm from one loading area to another as needed.

3. Spill Berms for Maintenance and Small Volume Storage

Farms cover large areas of land and equipment breakdown or spills can happen anywhere and at any time. Farmers need temporary containment areas that are easy to transport and move. They may need a place to hold a few fertilizer bags or to put contaminated fittings and hoses while repairs are in progress.

Maintenance spill pads are the solution to this problem. They fold up easily for transport and do not require any setup. A heavy-duty 30-ounce modified vinyl material is tough enough for farm conditions.

Reduce Fertilizer Pollution with Justrite Spill Containment Berms

Justrite supplies all kinds of containment solutions for minimizing fertilizer pollution. Our technical experts also provide advice for solving your fertilizer spill containment problems. We help you stay compliant by protecting water sources from fertilizer contamination. Contact us for more information.

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