Why Hazmat Decon Containment Berms Are Vital to Emergency Response Teams

Hazmat incidents are highly specialized events requiring trained responders with the right equipment. A hospital in Massachusetts admitted a patient who exhibited signs of exposure to a hazardous chemical. A decon team was called. They found the root cause to be pesticide exposure. To be safe, both the patient and emergency response personnel went through decontamination procedures.

A hazardous material release poses many environmental threats. It’s important to capture, contain and cleanup any contamination. Hazmat decon berms play a critical role in emergency response clean-up operations.

Who Uses Hazmat Decon Containment Berms?

Many industrial plants use hazardous chemicals for raw materials, intermediate products and final products. High levels of equipment integrity and safety protocols keep employees safe from exposure. But, there is always the risk of an unforeseen circumstance that causes a release. Hazmat emergency response teams at industrial plants train for these situations.

Fire department and emergency response teams respond to any kind of emergency. They encounter incidents of a domestic, industrial or commercial nature. If hazardous chemicals are present, they need relevant response equipment.

Some specialized emergency response teams train to respond to terror attacks. They must prepare for potential exposure to chemical warfare. They also respond to high-impact hazardous chemical events that put large numbers of the public at risk.

Emergency response teams must carry hazmat suits and decon equipment like containment berms.

How Do Hazmat Decon Containment Berms Work?

Emergency response personnel wash down inside the berm. It captures all hazardous chemicals for treatment and disposal. Others assist by scrubbing down the boots of emergency personnel. This ensures no contaminated material leaves the hazmat decon area.

Justrite supplies decontamination berms constructed from lightweight PVC coated fabric. It resists chemical attack. They are watertight to prevent leaking hazardous chemicals into the environment. Multiple interior walls create washdown zones to accommodate different decon operations simultaneously. Optional plastic grating keeps personnel above any pooling chemicals in the berm.

What Hazmat Decon Containment Berms Should You Use?

Justrite offers a line of easy-to-deploy Rigid-Lock Decon QuickBerms®. Patented internal walls, each with an inside brace support system, allow separation into 2-, 3- or 4-washdown zones. These berms are compatible with decontamination showers for a complete decontamination solution.

The lightweight Rigid-Lock QuickBerm Lite also deploys in seconds by a single person. Its 8-inch walls provide easy access when entering and exiting the decontamination zone. Add anti-slip Decon Grating to elevate personnel above the contaminated fluids.

Store compact Pop-Up Pools in tight spaces such as hazmat spill response kits. Use to quickly prevent hazardous chemicals from spreading and causing injury or environmental damage.

Contact Justrite for Hazmat Decon Containment Berm Solutions

Justrite supplies decon berms for hazmat emergency response. They are suitable for industrial, fire fighter and emergency response applications. Contact us for more information.

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