Forklift Cylinder Pallets


Forklift cylinder pallets allows users to transport multiple gas cylinders securely with a forklift. Constructed from 11-gauge (3-mm) hot-rolled steel and powder-coated to ensure longevity and chemical resistance, these pallets include high strength, fully enclosed 7.75-in wide (197-mm) forklift channels with two-way access. Pallet models with ratchet straps secure a group of cylinders and are end-load oriented for easy loading onto smaller truck beds.

Our forklift barricade rack models surround the cylinder with thick rectangular steel tube, continuously seam welded and mounted to the pallet. It features two levels of welded steel chains for each cylinder, as well as a 16-in (406-mm) hinged ramp for easy loading and unloading. Our individually-secured gas cylinder models provide added safety and control. Each cylinder rests against exclusive bumper guard edging that grips the cylinder to minimize damage to it and the stand. See our full selection for all available forklift cylinder pallet models.