Gas Cylinder Storage Brackets


Use gas cylinder storage brackets to secure multiple gas cylinders to a wall or bench for safe and compliant storage – a quick and easy solution when space is at a premium. Constructed from heavy gauge material, choose from powder-coated steel or unfinished stainless steel models to ensure long service life and chemical resistance. When wall mounting is not an option, choose from models designed for bench or table-top installations. Using dual 0.375-in (10-mm) diameter clamping posts with 1.5-in (38-mm) swivel pad faces, these models clamp to tables from 1- to 2.75-in (26- to 70-mm) thick.

Our gas cylinder storage brackets accept cylinder sizes ranging from 4- to 12-in (102- to 305-mm) and 9- to 16-in (229- to 407-mm). The brackets feature exclusive bumper guard edging with steel reinforced vinyl to protect your cylinders from damage while providing extra grip.