Parts & Accessories for HPLC Disposal Cans


Justrite supplies an assortment of parts and accessories to keep your HPLC disposal cans in working order. Use coalescing carbon filters to minimize odor and capture 99% of liquid particulates released in the form of gaseous vapor. Vent filters snap conveniently into the quick-disconnect fitting. The carbon filter cartridge color indicator beads (top portion) changes from purple to black to indicate when replacement is necessary. Replace the coalescing filter (bottom portion) after three or four carbon filter cycles.

HPLC PTFE manifold and compression fittings enable up to six waste lines (per manifold) from HPLC processes to be fed into a single intake fitting. Safety containers with manifolds installed are OSHA compliant and meet NFPA Code 30. Use on round containers only.

Use durable polyethylene spill basins to keep work areas clean around HPLC cans and capture any inadvertent leakage from HPLC inflow tubes.