Drum Funnels and Handling Equipment


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  1. Cast-iron Horizontal Fill Drum Gauge
  2. Polyethylene Vertical Pop-up Drum Gauge, 5-in, for 3/4-in bung
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  3. Single Hand Clamp for antistatic grounding wire
  4. Gate Blade for Drum Faucet
  5. Gasket for safety Drum funnel, 2 inch bung
  6. Drum Vent Adapter, 3/4" bung
  7. Gasket for safety Drum Funnel, 4-in
  8. PTFE Gasket for safety Drum Funnel
  9. Gasket for Drum Cover - #11023

37-59 OF 59

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It is important to segregate incompatible wastes to avoid chemical reactions or explosions. Store drums properly indoors, or in a weather-protected area outside. Funnels can be left in place on the drums.

Drum faucets, funnels, vents, tip-over protection and more

are included in Justrite's available spill prevention equipment for handling hazardous material. Our FM-approved drum faucets, contain an internal flame arrester. Our FM-approved drum vents provide pressure relief and safeguard against explosion.

Drum funnels intended for use with flammables are fitted with a brass flame arrester that absorbs and dissipates heat, preventing any external ignition source (like sparks from power tools, static electricity or cigarettes) from reaching the drum's flammable contents. Heavy 18-gauge galvanized steel, with an electrostatically applied epoxy powder-coat finish, provides durability and chemical resistance. Self-close models have a fusible link that melts at 165ºF (74ºC) shutting the cover automatically in case of a fire to extinguish the flames.