Flexible Spill Containment Barriers, Berms, Booms and Diverters

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  1. 20'W x 20'L, Ceiling Leak Diverter - 28318
  2. 15'W x 15'L, Ceiling Leak Diverter - 28315
  3. 12'W x 12'L, Ceiling Leak Diverter - 28312
  4. 10'W x 10'L, Ceiling Leak Diverter - 28308
  5. 7'W x 7'L, Ceiling Leak Diverter - 28304
  6. 5'W x 5'L, Ceiling Leak Diverter - 28300

30 Items

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Flexible spill containment berms

supplies preventative and emergency drip/leak protection and stormwater control. Our comprehensive line of leak containment products provides economical and temporary spill protection options.

Justrite’s flexible spill containment allows you to contain spills and leaks around unique equipment situations. The flexible spill containment components are available in hi-visibility colors and are easily installed and removed. All products help comply with EPA for Spill Prevention, Control and Countermeasure (SPCC) regulations.