STUD-E™ Survey - 360-Degrees of Workplace Safety

At Justrite, everything starts with safety – it is the foundation of what we do. But we know workplace safety encompasses more than the right equipment. It’s a process and a state of mind. For more than a century, our customers have put their trust in our safety experts.

At Justrite, we also know that not everybody has our expertise. A distributor representative may only identify an average of 10% of workplace vulnerabilities—especially in larger facilities. Often, they don’t even realize they left their customers with potential safety issues.

Fortunately, Justrite’s 360 Degree STUD-E Workplace Safety Survey provides a solution. Under the guidance of Andy Brousseau, Director of Industrial Safety Compliance, we can help provide a comprehensive workplace safety evaluation for your customers that goes beyond the recommended products. Acting as a second set of eyes, our team will navigate potential risks and show you how to implement sustainable solutions for protecting people, property, and the planet.

What’s the value in a STUD-E Safety Survey?

  • Identifies gaps or deficits in safety measures – helps you recognize what is often in plain sight!
  • Provides knowledge behind best practices – not simply product-specific
  • Recommends preventative measures, products and programs to get in compliance – and stay there
  • Offers guidance for implementing sustainable solutions – for now and in the future

Don’t miss out! Inquire about your 360 Degree STUD-E Workplace Safety Survey today.

Note: Our STUD-E 360-Degree Workplace Safety Survey is a more in-depth version of our STUD-E Survey and is ideal for large facilities that deal with highly hazardous chemicals and will likely require multiple visits. Not every facility is eligible. Please inquire below and we’ll be in contact with additional information.



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