Aerosolv® 7000XL Dual-Compliant Aerosol Can Recycling System - 28231

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Product Summary

  • Complies with California Universal Waste Rule
  • Eliminate an entire RCRA waste stream and reduce disposal costs
  • Includes a poly containment sump to place under drainage drum and a poly lid for scrap steel storage drum
  • Protection coated for easy cleaning
  • EPA Compliant and ETV Certified


The Aerosolv® 7000 XL Dual-Compliant aerosol can recycling system safely and efficiently disposes of aerosol cans while complying with the California Universal Waste Rule. The Aerosolv 7000XL System includes all the great features of the Aerosolv 7000 Super Aerosol Can Recycling System plus a shut-off valve in the puncturing unit and a check valve in the carbon cartridge to prevent off-gassing. A poly lid cover and a poly containment sump help you stay compliant whether you are accumulating or transporting processed aerosol cans for scrap. The unit also includes an Aerosolv 7163 combination coalescing colormetric carbon filter, a padlock with key, anti-static ground wire with C-clamp, and safety goggles.

The 7000 XL aerosol recycling system is EPA compliant and ETV certified.

A variety of replacement filters and parts are also available.


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Model No 28231
UPC 697841151130
International Model No. 28231
ETV Certified Yes
EPA Compliance Yes
Net Weight, lbs 12.0
Net Weight, kg 5.4



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