Gas-Cylinder Storage Racks, Pallets, Hand Trucks, and Lockers

  • Gas Cylinder Cart

    Due to their weight, contents, and unwieldy shape, industrial gas cylinders require specially designed gas cylinder carts to minimize accidents. Constructed of 1-in (25-mm) and 1.25-in (32-mm) diameter steel tube with continuous welding.

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  • Gas Cylinder Stands & Brackets

    Designed for the safe storage of industrial and commercial use compressed gas cylinders, these Justrite gas cylinder stands help prevent dangerous tipping situations. Most stands store cylinders from 4- to 12-in (102- to 305-mm) in diameter.

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  • Gas Cylinder Rack

    Recommended for indoor or outdoor bulk cylinder storage, Justrite steel gas cylinder racks are continuously seam welded at all junction points and sealed with exterior grade powder-coat paint for lasting strength, durability and dependability.

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  • Forklift Cylinder Pallets

    Constructed from 11-gauge (3-mm) hot-rolled steel and powder-coated to ensure longevity and chemical resistance, the Justrite gas cylinder pallets include high strength, fully enclosed 7.75-in (197-mm) wide forklift channels with two-way access.

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  • Cylinder Cabinets

    Aluminum gas cylinder lockers provide horizontal or vertical storage of LPG and compressed gas cylinders. 100% welded construction won't rust, corrode or discolor, and feature exclusive solid roof panels that slant to the back to shed water and ice.

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  • Parts & Accessories

    Justrite supplies a wide selection of replacement parts and accessories for our gas cylinder storage and handling equipment line. Available gas cylinder parts include brackets, safety snap caps, firewall barriers, hand truck wheels and more.

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Gas Cylinder Storage Racks, Stands, and Hand Trucks

Compressed gas cylinders are dangerous, heavy, and awkward to move and store. Improper handling could result in serious injuries and a broken valve could quickly turn the cylinder into a devastating torpedo.

Gas Cylinder Storage Racks, Stands, and Hand Trucks minimize your risk for accidents with proper training and always consult the Safety Data Sheet (SDS) for information on the gases you will be using. Never compromise safety by using inferior equipment for transporting and storing industrial, medical, and commercial gases. Use quality, heavy-duty Justrite® gas-cylinder products to avoid potential injuries and incidents.