Outdoor Emergency Safety Showers

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  1. Replacement Nozzle for Safety Showers  - #NOZZLE
  2. Safety Shower Treadle, T-Style - #TS-FOOT-EF
  3. Equipment Inspection Record Holder - #SERVICE-CARD-HO
  4. Hughes Equipment Inspection Record, 2 Pack - #SERVICE-CARDS
  5. Safety Shower Treadle, G-Style - #TREADLE-G

30 Items

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Showers with Freeze Protection

The first few seconds of contact with a corrosive substance are critical and may be the difference between sight or blindness and repairable or irreparable skin damage. Therefore, even if you work outdoors, it’s essential to have an emergency shower nearby.

At Justrite, we offer a selection of showers suitable for all outdoor conditions. In cold climates, freeze protected showers prevent the water inside the shower from freezing. Our outdoor showers can also withstand extreme heat as our unique self-draining design prevents standing water from overheating the standpipe.

You can choose between wall mounts and floor mounts and choose whether or not you’d like to include an eyewash station.