Eyewashes Stations and Chemical Safety Showers

  • Face & Eyewash Stations

    Justrite offers plumbed and self-contained emergency eye wash and/or face wash stations, for both indoor or outdoor use. All models are designed to be quick and simple to operate in any location; most stations are ANSI and EN compliant.

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  • Indoor Safety Showers

    Justrite's portfolio of unheated stainless or galvanized steel indoor enclosed safety showers range from simple wall or ceiling mounted units, to free standing models, to combination units for onsite treatment of eye/face or full body.

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  • Outdoor Safety Shower

    For outdoor conditions in extreme hot or cold climates, Justrite supplies emergency outdoor safety showers. The unique design of self-draining showers in hot climates reduce overheating; in cold climates, freeze-protected showers are available.

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  • Emergency Showers with Tanks

    When a tepid, constant supply of water cannot be guaranteed, or in climates where it is impractical to use a standard safety shower, Justrite supplies tank safety showers that feature fiberglass outer casing with single-piece polyethylene tanks.

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  • Mobile Safety Showers and Washes

    Justrite portable emergency safety shower and safety eye washes are mobile for use in environments with no water supply, when a constant supply of water cannot be relied upon, or when existing safety showers are undergoing maintenance.

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  • Decontamination Shower

    Justrite emergency response solutions include quick set-up decontamination showers suitable for use during an accident, disaster or attack using chemical, nuclear or biological agents. Self-contained hand washing stations are also available.

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  • Parts & Accessories

    Whether you require a new shower rose, treadles, valves, test kits, curtains or high visibility signage, we can provide spare safety shower parts and accessories for your existing Justrite emergency safety shower and eye/face wash equipment.

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Featured Products


Hughes Eyewashes and Safety Showers

Accidents involving hazardous or toxic chemicals are a constant safety threat in many industries. How you react in the first 10 to 15 seconds after exposure to a toxic substance is crucial.

Hughes eyewashes and safety showers offered by Justrite are designed to provide the first line of defense in the event of a chemical splash or spillage.

Any delay in treating a casualty can result in more serious injury with long-term consequences. Ensuring you have the correct emergency safety shower is essential.