Absorbent Pads


Oil Solidifier Spill Pads

Workplace spills can’t always be avoided, especially on construction or job sites. Preventing environmental pollution in stormwater runoff is an important part of on-site spill control measures.

PetroPad™ Oil Absorbing Mats Reduce Environmental Pollution

Justrite’s PetroPad™ Smart Polymer Spill Pad, is an easy-to-use, easy-to-move and easy-to-dispose spill containment solution ideal for any workplace or location where there is a risk of incidental spills or leaks of hazardous hydrocarbons. The oil absorbent pads use an exclusive smart polymer technology that acts as an oil solidifier to safely and permanently solidify hydrocarbons into a non-hazardous solid. This process reduces environmental pollution and hazardous waste, saving users time and money while maintaining regulatory compliance.

PetroPads are a flexible and cost-effective solution for the handling and disposal of incidental spills and leaks. These oil absorbing pads are also versatile and portable, making them easy to transport from site to site. They are available in five sizes and can be used in a variety of applications, including pumps, refueling stations, machinery, tower lights, mobile generators, fuel tankers, maintenance and repair areas, and on-site vehicles.

One of the primary benefits of the PetroPad is the peace of mind that comes with environmental safety. The smart polymer technology permanently solidifies hydrocarbons eliminating any risk of leaching into the environment through stormwater runoff.  Further, since the PetroPad only retains hydrocarbons, users do not have to dispose of contaminated precipitation as they do with other spill containment solutions. This saves users time and money.  The PetroPad spill pads are only available through Justrite, the exclusive dealer of PetroPads in North America, through a partnership with Green Rhino.