Lithium Ion Battery Charging Cabinets


Lithium Ion Battery Charging Cabinets

Safely managing the charging and storage of lithium-ion batteries in the workplace is crucial to prevent accidents and ensure the well-being of employees. The new Justrite lithium ion battery charging and storage cabinet provides the ideal storage solution.

Featuring ChargeGuard™ technology, this new cabinet was designed especially for minimizing the risks of battery fires and thermal runaway that arise when storing and charging lithium ion batteries in the workplace. With eight receptacles, it enables simultaneous charging of multiple batteries (up to a maximum of 2kWh), providing a reliable and efficient solution. The lightweight and compact benchtop design allows for easy relocation, and the lockable doors ensure controlled access to the batteries, preventing theft.

Li Ion Battery Storage Risks

Improperly charging and storing lithium-ion batteries can pose several risks, including fire and explosion. The batteries contain a liquid electrolyte that is highly volatile and flammable. Exposure to high temperatures may cause them to catch fire or even explode. This risk is heightened when the batteries are not charged or stored correctly.

Thermal runaway is another potential risk. Lithium-ion batteries generate heat as a by-product of their power production. If a battery becomes too hot, it can lead to a thermal runaway situation in which the battery overheats and loses control, potentially resulting in a fire or explosion.

In extreme cases, improper charging and storage of lithium-ion batteries can cause a release of toxic gases, such as hydrogen fluoride and phosphorus oxyfluoride. These gases can be harmful to human health if inhaled.

To minimize these risks, it is important to follow safety guidelines when charging and storing lithium-ion batteries. This includes using the appropriate charger, avoiding overcharging or undercharging, storing batteries in a cool and dry place away from flammable materials, and disposing of damaged or old batteries properly.