Aerosolv® Aerosol Can Disposal Recycling Systems

  • Aerosol Can Disposal System

    Safely recycle with Aerosolv®, the original aerosol can puncture system designed for compliantly disposing and recycling spent aerosol cans. Choose from a variety of aerosol can disposal systems suitable for a number of industrial applications.

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  • Propane Cylinder Recycling

    The Prosolv® recycling system is a safe and economical way to dispose of propane cylinders by effectively removing the sealing sleeve and internal valve stem from propane, propylene, mapp and calibration gas cylinders for safe disposal.

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  • Parts & Accessories

    Keep your Aerosolv® and Prosolv® recycling systems operating at peak performance with replacement Aerosolv filters, accessories and parts. Browse our extensive product line of genuine Aerosolv and Prosolv parts and accessories.

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Aerosolv Aerosol Recycling System

Every year, American industries consume a staggering 3,000,000,000 aerosol cans, resulting in 375,000 tons of steel, enough to produce 500,000 cars. Keep empty aerosol cans out of landfills with the Justrite Aerosolv® Aerosol Can Recycling System, a revolutionary solution that allows users to convert spent aerosols into recyclable steel containers with minimal maintenance required.

Our puncture device ensures safe and compliant disposal of aerosol cans, helping you meet RCRA-empty compliance regulations after use. With EPA certification, our units provide a secure method for the disposal of hazardous aerosol spray cans.

Aerosol and spray paint cans are widely used across major industries such as industrial manufacturing, municipalities, and vocational education. But what happens to these cans after they have served their purpose? Improper disposal of pressurized aerosol cans can lead to hazardous waste at landfills or facilities, posing risk of explosions due to propellants or liquid contents. Non-compliance with proper disposal guidelines can result in hefty fines for companies.

Using the Aerosolv Aerosol Can Recycler

By implementing an Aerosolv aerosol can puncture system, you can eliminate an entire RCRA waste stream and significantly reduce disposal costs. The angled pin ensures a clean puncture every time, while the two-piece coalescing filter and carbon cartridge effectively capture odors and potentially harmful VOCs.

Installation is quick and easy, with the unit conveniently mounting on either a 30- or 55-gallon drum using standard 2" and ¾" bungs. Our system is compatible with various sizes of aerosol cans, including domed mini, standard, and jumbo aerosol cans. For added safety, the aerosol can recycling systems include a ground wire to prevent static buildup.

Curious about how our Aerosolv aerosol can puncturing device can help you dispose of full aerosol cans or cans that are not empty? Watch our demonstration video for a step-by-step guide on proper aerosol can disposal.

Choose the Justrite Aerosolv Aerosol Recycling System for efficient, compliant, and environmentally-friendly aerosol can disposal.