Safety Cans and Containers

Safe and secure storage for flammable liquids

  • Type I Safety Cans

    All Justrite Type I Safety Cans are constructed of powder-coated galvanized steel and feature self-closing, leakproof lids. Four color choices are available. Cans are certified by FM, UL/ULC and TUV and meet OSHA and NFPA requirements.

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  • Type II Safety Cans

    The Justrite Type II safety cans feature a vented design to provide smooth liquid flow, along with AccuFlow™ with Safe-Squeeze® trigger for safe and controlled pouring. Certified by FM, UL/ULC and TUV. Meet OSHA and NFPA requirements.

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  • DOT Safety Cans

    When traveling on the road, safely store and transport gas or diesel in DOT approved safety cans. Heavy-duty roll-bars protect spout from damage to prevent dangerous fuel spillage in the event of an accidental fall. Cans are FM-approved.

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  • Waste Disposal Safety Containers

    All Justrite waste disposal safety containers protect against the risks caused by flammable waste use in the workplace. Container options include biohazard waste cans, waste receptacles for combustible trash and cigarettes, and liquid disposal cans.

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  • Oily Waste Cans

    Justrite oily waste cans are designed to prevent the spread of fires caused by stray sparks or spontaneous combustion. A number of options are available to safely dispose of oily rags and cleaning cloths in the workplace.

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  • Plastic Safety Cans

    Our chemical-resistant Type I plastic safety cans offer safe storage for flammable corrosives. Its durable one-piece body construction stands up to tough acids and heat, ideal for lab environments. Red and white color options are available.

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  • HPLC and Chemical Containers

    Justrite's line of HPLC laboratory waste disposal containers feature quick-disconnect features and coalescing carbon filters to keep laboratory and personnel safe with a compliant, environmentally-friendly solution to waste collection.

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  • Laboratory Carboys & Solvent Waste Systems

    Use carboy and solvent waste systems and accessories for the collection of HPLC waste, or the storage, transfer, and disposal of chemicals. These lab waste disposal containers feature interchangeable caps and adapters, and ergonomic design.

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  • Surface and Parts Cleaner

    Justrite plunger cans moisten cleaning cloths by utilizing a smart-pump to bring more liquid to the top. Safety dispenser cans offer a safe, convenient way to release small amounts of liquid directly onto work surfaces or into lab beakers.

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  • Outdoor Ashtray Stands

    Justrite outdoor ashtrays enhance your business image with an outdoor ashtray stand and keep your property free of unsightly cigarette butts. The self-extinguishing design safely collects unsightly cigarette butts and reduces the risk of fire.

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  • Parts & Accessories

    To ensure the continued safety and functionality of its safety cans and containers, Justrite offers a variety of accessories. Our gas can parts inventory includes nozzle replacement hoses, spouts, funnels, flame arresters, gaskets and more.

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Justrite Safety Cans and Containers

One gallon of vaporized gasoline can explode with the same force as 20 sticks of dynamite. Safety containers protect workers by minimizing the risk of fires when handling hazardous liquids.

Offer safe storage for flammable liquids for workplace environments. With Justrite's safety cans, accidents and fire risks are minimized, protecting people and resulting in a safer workplace. Safety cans and containers by Justrite are designed with safety codes in mind to meet a variety of different safety regulations.

Justrite safety gas cans and fuel containers meet NFPA and OSHA standards, most are FM Global approved and/or Underwriters Laboratories listed, and many models carry worldwide acceptance with TUV certification. They serve several critical functions:

  • Contain hazardous liquids, controlling vapors to reduce the risk of fire and protect workers
  • Comply with federal OSHA regulations, as well as state and local fire codes
  • Make your job easier by improving efficiency - engineered with features that enhance pouring and filling operations

Note: Consumer plastic and metal gasoline cans are closed containers that do not have the same vents that an approved safety fuel can is required to contain.

Gas Can Color Codes

  • Red: Gasoline
  • Yellow: Diesel
  • Blue: Kerosene
  • Green: Oil