Self-Draining Safety Showers


In hot climates, the power of the sun can heat standing water within the pipes of an emergency safety shower to temperatures as high as 122°F (50°C), resulting in a high risk of shock and scalding to a person when activated. The unique design of our self-draining safety showers prevents this from happening.

Self-draining safety showers include a self-draining valve situated directly above the water inlet with a bleed pipe fitted above this so hot water drains into the ground. The standpipe only fills with water when the shower is activated and drains once again when valve is closed. This prevents stagnant water in the standpipe from overheating and removes the risk of further injury to the operator.

All self-draining safety showers are easy to operate by pulling down on the appropriate hand lever. The showers meet ANSI Z358.1 and EN 15154 standards, and support OSHA requirements.