Front Entrance/Parking Lots

Maintaining a safe environment in the parking lot and front entrance is key to your company’s overall success. Keep reading to learn what Justrite products can help keep your workers safe.

Justrite Products

Outdoor Ashtrays

Cigarette butts are an eyesore around any place of business. Because they are not biodegradable, they generally remain on the ground for a long time. Plus, carelessly discarded cigarettes or smoking materials can be the cause of commercial fires.

Prevent fires caused by smoking materials and improve your company’s image by providing a convenient place to discard smoking materials, such as Justrite Ceasefire® outdoor ashtray stands. Constructed of flame retardant polyethylene with a galvanized collection bucket, Justrite cigarette receptacles feature a self-extinguishing design to restrict the flow of oxygen and reduce the risk of fire. From the back door of a small boutique to an upscale front entrance of a beautiful resort to an industrial loading dock or alleyway area, Justrite offers a wide variety of attractive outdoor ashtrays to complement your setting and budget.

Waste Receptacles

Managing waste should be a priority throughout your business. One of the key ways to control your waste stream is to make it convenient for staff and visitors to dispose of their trash. A prime location for a waste receptacle is at the front door. Justrite Cease Fire® waste receptacles have sturdy steel construction and feature a fire-extinguishing lid design in case someone carelessly discards some form of an ignition source into the can. The lid is specially engineered to redirect smoke back into the receptacle, thereby starving the fire of oxygen and extinguishing it.

Justrite Cease Fire cigarette disposal waste receptacles feature the same steel construction and fire-extinguishing lid design as its larger waste receptacle counterpart. The available 4.5- to 6-gallon sizes means that they do not require frequent emptying.

Cough and Sneeze Guards

Because of the coronavirus pandemic, businesses and the public alike have experienced major adjustments in the way everyday business is conducted. One of the biggest changes is social distancing and providing some form of isolation. Justrite helps you place protective barriers between personnel in your front lobby with our line of personal workspace cough and sneeze guards. Available in freestanding and countertop models, the lightweight aluminum frame and PVC panel construction make the guards easy to place and move.

Eagle Products

Drain Covers and Filters

Well-designed parking lots include an effective drainage system. The flat expanse of parking lots can accumulate standing water quickly if it there are not enough catch basins to drain the water. But what happens if the liquid is a contaminant, such as when a car is leaking fuel and/or oil? Now, your effective drainage system just became a liability.

Eagle’s chemically resistant drain covers are a quick and simple way to occlude most drains and catch basins while preventing spills from leaving your premises. Constructed of a durable, high visibility red polyurethane elastomer, Eagle drain covers are provided in sizes ranging from 18-to-48 square inches.

Accidents and spills may not be the only reason to pay attention to your parking lot drains and catch basins. Many industries fall under the EPA’s guidance for stormwater pollution which may require a permit and the installation of devices designed to prevent oil and sediments from entering the stormwater system.

Achieve compliance with federal and state stormwater pollution regulations with Eagle’s StormNEST™ catch basin filters. Easily installed at the catch basin inlet, the Eagle filter is designed to retain sediments and can further be specified to absorb oil. Available in fixed and adjustable sizes, StormNEST filters are supplied to fit square, rectangular, and round catch basins. For conventional gutter-style drains, use the StormNEST catch basin filter drain dam.

Traffic Management

A thoughtfully designed and well-marked parking area and entrance makes a great first impression on customers. Use Eagle’s line of traffic management devices to improve traffic efficiency and the appearance of your business. These traffic and parking products also add a high degree of safety.

Eagle’s highly visible yet sturdy bollard posts are excellent for marking travel lanes. Heavy steel construction, combined with safety yellow powder coating, make these bollards ready for the rigors of parking lot duty. Eagle bollards are available in 4- to 7-inch outside diameters and round or square shapes.

Update the appearance of worn-out existing bollards on your property without the cost or time required for repainting or replacing them. Eagle bollard covers are constructed of HDPE and are designed to easily slip over existing bollard posts. Choose from a wide selection of sizes, finishes and colors.

Parking spaces are most safe and effective when they are equipped with a parking stop. Improve your parking lot safety and appearance with Eagle parking stops, constructed of HDPE and supplied in 8-foot lengths. They are also available in five colors.

Low-clearance collisions are one of those situations where you do not realize the hazard until you have struck the overhead. Eagle helps you avoid low clearance collisions with HDPE clearance bars. Available in 5- and 7-inch diameters, our bright yellow clearance bars provide a distinctive warning for low-clearance approaches.

Checkers Products

Speed Bumps and Humps

Driving through parking lots should always be at a low speed. But people can step out suddenly, or drivers can be distracted. These situations can lead to an accident.

One of the most effective and cost-efficient ways to limit vehicle speed in pedestrian areas is through the installation of speed control devices. Checkers’ speed bumps and speed humps are affordable and easy-to-install.

For traditional speed bumps, Checkers supplies 4-, 6-, and 9-foot models. Molded in a solid yellow plastic and installable by one person, Checkers’ standard and deluxe model speed bumps are a quick and simple way to control drivers’ speed.

If a black rubber speed bump is what your business wants, then Checkers’ Easy Rider® modular speed bumps are the answer. Constructed of durable rubber with in-molded yellow highway tape and cat’s eye reflectors, Easy Rider speed bumps are noticeable and effectively reduce vehicle speed down to 5 mph or less. 

Four- and six-foot sections allow you to custom fit the speed bump to the size of the surface. Optional endcaps give the speed bump a finished look that protects both the speed bump and vehicles’ tires.

Speed bumps require vehicles to come to an almost complete stop before safely crossing them. But when the goal is simply to slow—but not stop—traffic, Checker’s Safety Rider® speed humps are the solution. Made from black rubber and installed modularly, Safety Rider speed humps can be designed to fit almost every application.

Many of these Checkers’ speed control devices can be supplied with 100% recycled materials construction.

NoTrax Products

Outdoor and Entry Mats

Entrance mats are the first thing that people see when they visit your organization. Even though they lay on the ground, they carry out several important functions, not the least of which is aesthetic.

First and foremost, mats are a safety item. They provide a surface to dry and clean wet footwear, helping prevent slips and falls. Entry mats also stop tracked-in water from creating a slippery surface elsewhere in the building.

Mats are also a key component in the cleanliness of your business. Most of the dirt that makes it into your building is carried in on footwear. Over time this easily turns into pounds of dirt coming into your facility. The expense and effort to remove all this dirt can be considerable.

NoTrax helps you create a safe and aesthetically pleasing entryway that stops most of the dirt at the door with outdoor mats. Supplied in almost twenty colors and several patterns, NoTrax outdoor mats can be specified with special features such as cold resistance and superior drainage.

Once inside the main door or entrance way, maintain a non-slip surface and continue removing dirt from footwear with NoTrax indoor entry mats. Available in dozens of colors and light-, medium-, and heavy-traffic construction, NoTrax entry mats catch dirt and water before they enter your building. In high-traffic areas, use NoTrax recessed tray mats to prevent the mat itself from becoming a tripping hazard.

NoTrax logo mats are the perfect medium for branding, sharing safety messages, and/or showing holiday spirit. With all of the safety and dirt reduction features of our other mats, NoTrax’s vast array of colors and themes lets you custom tailor mats to fit your organization’s personality.

If your business has carpet in high-traffic areas, the excessive wear on the carpet will be damaging and noticeable. NoTrax’s carpet floor protector mats are the best way to extend the life of your carpet. NoTrax carpet protector mats are available in either clear vinyl or absorbent, adhesive-backed fabric.