Gas Cylinder Storage and Handling Equipment

Gas cylinders are used to store compressed gas in a variety of industrial and commercial facilities. Because gas cylinders are large, heavy, and awkwardly shaped, it is important to handle them using proper safety equipment. Transporting or storing gas cylinders in an unsafe manner could endanger personnel and assets.

Importance of Gas Cylinder Safety Products

If improperly handled, cylinders could effectively turn into dangerous torpedoes. This could potentially have catastrophic impacts in the workplace and can put employees at risk. For safe handling of gas cylinders, it is important to have the proper gas cylinder handling equipment. There are many different gas cylinder lifting equipment and numerous gas cylinder safety equipment available in today's market to keep your workers safe.

OSHA Gas Cylinder Safety

In addition to protecting staff from harm, gas cylinder handling equipment can also help facilities comply with regulatory requirements from the Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA). According to OSHA standard 1910.253(b)(2), gas cylinders are required to be stored in areas of a facility that are removed from potential combustibles. Gas cylinders must also be stored in approved lockers that allow for maximum ventilation.

To help you find the gas cylinder handling equipment best suited to your facility, here is an overview of the gas cylinder equipment from Justrite that can help protect personnel and assets in your facility and achieve regulatory compliance.

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Gas Cylinder Storage and Handling Solutions from Justrite

Gas Cylinder Cart

Gas cylinder carts are designed to transport heavy gas cylinders safely. The compressed gas in a gas cylinder is stored under extreme pressure. If a cylinder is dropped or knocked over or the valve is damaged during transportation, the results could be disastrous.

Hand trucks used to transport gas cylinders feature durable steel construction and multiple wheel options with dual ball bearings for easier rolling. Cylinder carts and hand trucks will safely cradle a gas cylinder in place, and the steel cinch buckle will secure cylinders to prevent rolling during transportation. Gas cylinder hand trucks also feature a unique zero-lift height that eliminates the need to lift cylinders during loading. Cylinder carts and hand trucks are available in multiple configurations and sizing options including single and double hand trucks, hand trucks with firewalls, hand trucks with hoist rings and lift hand trucks with jacks.

Gas Cylinder Stands & Brackets

Wall-mounted gas cylinder support brackets and gas cylinder stands are designed to secure cylinders in place and keep them from tipping. Cylinder stands feature a fully welded construction and powder-coat finish that is chemically resistant. The heavy-duty polypropylene straps will secure cylinders to prevent toppling.

Wall-mounted brackets are ideal for storing cylinders in facilities with reduced storage space. Gas cylinder storage brackets feature support straps and secondary support chains that prevent cylinders from being knocked over during storage.

Gas Cylinder Rack

Gas cylinder racks and barricades are ideal for indoor or outdoor bulk storage of gas cylinders. These racks surround cylinders with a durable 2-inch-thick square steel structural tubing that will protect cylinders from impact. Racks feature a continuously seam welded construction and powder-coat finish for maximum longevity.

Bulk storage racks are designed with two levels or steel welded chains that will secure gas cylinders in place and prevent movement during storage. Racks feature pre-drilled floor mounting holes for easier installation. Gas cylinder storage racks are available in a variety of sizes and configurations including cryogenic racks.

Forklift Cylinder Pallets

For safely transporting gas cylinder racks by forklift, forklift cylinder pallets from Justrite are ideal. Forklift pallets offer two channels with two-way access which enables forklifts to pick up racks from both sides.

The 11-gauge hot-rolled steel construction of these forklift pallets provides a fully enclosed rack that will protect cylinders from potential impact. Steel welded chains are designed to secure cylinders in place during transportation. Forklift pallets are available in multiple sizes and configurations for the bulk transport of gas cylinders. Individual cylinder models are also available.

Cylinder Cabinets

Aluminum cylinder lockers from Justrite are designed to house gas cylinders safely. These cabinets provide maximum ventilation in compliance with OSHA, NFPA and CSA regulations. Cylinder cabinets feature a steel welded construction that won’t rust, corrode or discolor over time. The solid roof panels of these lockers are slanted to shed water and ice buildup.

Cylinder cabinets are available in vertical and horizontal configurations. For bulk storage needs, gas cylinder storage lockers from Justrite are available in 11 modular options for multi-locker storage.

Parts & Accessories

Justrite offers a wide selection of replacement parts and accessories for the safe storage of gas cylinders. Safety snap caps are designed to limit unauthorized access to valve control and can be fitted over a variety of threads. Snap caps are also designed to reduce accidents and potential theft. For increased fire protection, fire barriers can be added between gas cylinders and combustibles. Fire barriers are designed to exceed minimum NFPA 55, OSHA and CSA standards for the separation of oxidizers and flammable gas.

Find the Gas Cylinder Handling Equipment That is Right for You

Justrite is the industry leader in workplace safety equipment. We supply facilities with the solutions they need to safely store dangerous materials, meet regulatory compliance and keep employees protected. Take a look at our extensive gas cylinder safety equipment products and find the gas cylinder products that are best suited to your storage needs.