International Fire Code - Safety Cabinets MAQ

IFC 5003.1.1 Maximum allowable quantity

5003.1 Scope. The storage, use and handling of all hazardous materials shall be in accordance with this section.

5003.1.1 Maximum allowable quantity per control area. The maximum allowable quantity per control area shall be as specified in Tables 5003.1.1(1) through 5003.1.1(4). For retail and wholesale storage and display in Group M occupancies and Group S storage, see Section 5003.11.

IFC 5104.2 Storage of Level 2 and 3 Aerosol Products

5104.2 Storage in Groups A, B, E, F, I and R. Storage of Level 2 and 3 aerosol products in occupancies in Groups A, B, E, F, I and R shall be limited to the following maximum quantities:

1. A net weight of 1,000 pounds (454 kg) of Level 2 aerosol products.
2. A net weight of 500 pounds (227 kg) of Level 3 aerosol products.
3. A combined net weight of 1,000 pounds (454 kg) of Level 2 and 3 aerosol products.
The maximum quantity shall be increased 100 percent where the excess quantity is stored in storage cabinets in accordance with Section 5704.3.2.

5704.3.2 Liquid Storage Cabinets

Where other sections of this code require that liquid containers be stored in storage cabinets, such cabinets and storage shall be in accordance with Sections 5704.3.2.1 through 5704.3.2.2.

5704.3.2.1 Design and construction of storage cabinets. Design and construction of liquid storage cabinets shall be in accordance with Sections 5704. through 5704.

5704. Materials. Cabinets shall be listed in accordance with UL 1275, or constructed of approved wood or metal in accordance with the following:

1. Unlisted metal cabinets shall be constructed of steel having a thickness of not less than 0.044 inch (1.12 mm) (18 gage). The cabinet, including the door, shall be double walled with 11/2-inch (38 mm) airspace between the walls. Joints shall be riveted or welded and shall be tight fitting.
2. Unlisted wooden cabinets, including doors, shall be constructed of not less than 1-inch (25mm) exterior grade plywood. Joints shall be rabbeted and shall be fastened in two directions with wood screws. Door hinges shall be of steel or brass. Cabinets shall be painted with an intumescent-type paint. 5704. Labeling. Cabinets shall be provided with a conspicuous label in red letters on contrasting background that reads: FLAMMABLE—KEEP FIRE AWAY.

5704. Doors. Doors shall be well fitted, selfclosing and equipped with a three-point latch.

5704. Bottom. The bottom of the cabinet shall be liquid tight to a height of not less than 2 inches (51 mm). 5704.3.2.2 Capacity. The combined total quantity of liquids in a cabinet shall not exceed 120 gallons (454 L).

Please consult your local authority having jurisdiction with your questions and for guidance in conforming to laws as they apply to your application. This is only meant for a reference and does not imply a warranty.