National Fire Code of Canada 2010 - Spill Control

NFC of Canada Spill Control

1) Measures to control spilled liquid or solid dangerous goods shall be provided in conformance with Subsection 4.1.6.
2) Materials or liquids used in the cleanup of spills and leakages of dangerous goods shall be
a) compatible and non-reactive with the dangerous goods being cleaned up, and
b) disposed of in conformance with Subsection 4.1.6.

NFC of Canada Spill Control

1) Provision shall be made for the safe drainage and containment of waste oils or dangerous goods emptied or escaping from stored products under normal storage conditions or in a fire situation, in conformance with Subsection 4.1.6.

NFC of Canada 4.1.6. Spill Control and Drainage Systems

1) Except as permitted in Sentence (3), a spill of flammable liquids or combustible liquids shall be prevented from flowing outside the spill area and from reaching waterways, sewer systems and potable water sources by
a) constructing a noncombustible barrier capable of containing the spill, or
b) grading the site or sloping the floor to divert the spill to a drainage system conforming to Article

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