National Fire Code of Canada 2010 - Waste Receptacles

NFC of Canada Waste Receptacles

1) Materials subject to spontaneous ignition, such as oily rags, shall be deposited in a receptacle conforming to Sentence (4) or be removed from the premises. (See Appendix A.)
2) All ashes shall be stored in receptacles conforming to Sentence (4) and combustible materials shall not be stored with ashes in the same container.
3) Except as permitted in Sentence (4), noncombustible receptacles as required in Sentences (1) and (2) shall not be placed closer than 1 m to combustible materials.
4) A receptacle required by Sentences (1) and (2) shall
a) be constructed of noncombustible materials,
b) have a close-fitting, self-closing metal cover, and
c) if the flooring material upon which it is placed is combustible, have a flanged bottom or legs not less than 50 mm high.

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