National Fire Protection Association 30A - Parts Cleaning

NFPA 30A: 9.7.6 Parts Cleaning Cleaning of parts shall be performed with a nonflammable solvent.

Exception: A combustible liquid with a flash point above 37.8°C (100°F) (closed cup) shall be permitted to be used for this purpose provided adequate ventilation is supplied and no sources of ignition are present in the cleaning area.

NFPA 30A: Oil-Soaked Waste or Cloths

Approved metal receptacles with self-closing covers shall be provided for the storage or disposal of oil-soaked waste or cloths.

NFPA 30A: Combustible Rubbish

Combustible rubbish shall be placed in covered metal receptacles until removed to a safe place for disposal. Contents of such containers shall be removed daily. (Note: Select product based on waste category)

Please consult your local authority having jurisdiction with your questions and for guidance in conforming to laws as they apply to your application. This is only meant for a reference and does not imply a warranty.