National Fire Protection Association 30 - Incidental

NFPA 30 18.5 Incidental Operations

18.5.1* This section shall apply to areas where the use, handling, and storage of liquids is only a limited activity to the established occupancy classification.

18.5.2 Class I liquids or Class II and Class III liquids that are heated up to or above their flash points shall be drawn from or transferred into vessels, containers, or portable tanks as follows:
(1) From original shipping containers with a capacity of 5.3 gal (20 L) or less
(2) From safety cans
(3) Through a closed piping system
(4) From portable tanks or containers by means of a device that has antisiphoning protection and that draws through an opening in the top of the tank or container
(5) By gravity through a listed self-closing valve or self-closing faucet

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