National Fire Protection Association 30 - MAQ Cabinets

NFPA 30 9.6 Maximum Allowable Quantities (MAQs)

Maximum Allowable Quantities (MAQs) per Control Area. (See Attachemnt)

NFPA 30 9.6.2 Special Occupancy Maximum Allowable Quantities (MAQs)

9.6 Maximum Allowable Quantities (MAQs) per Control Area.

9.6.2 Special Occupancy Limits. For the following occupancies, the MAQs per control area shall not exceed the amounts specified in Table (1) Assembly
(2) Ambulatory health care
(3) Business
(4) Day care
(5) Detention and correctional
(6) Educational
(7) Health care
(8) Residential For the occupancies specified in, storage in excess of 10 gal (38 L) of Class I and Class II liquids combined or in excess of 60 gal (227 L) of Class IIIA liquids shall be permitted where stored in flammable liquids storage cabinets and where the total aggregate quantity does not exceed 180 gal (680 L).

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