National Fire Protection Association 30 - OSL

NFPA 30 Chapter 14 Hazardous Material Storage Lockers (See Table 14.5.2 Designated Sites)

NFPA Code 30 – 2015 Edition*

Chapter 14 Hazardous Materials Storage Lockers.

14.1 Scope. This chapter shall apply to the storage of liquids in movable, modular, prefabricated storage lockers, also known as hazardous materials storage lockers (hereinafter referred to as lockers), specifically designed and manufactured for storage of hazardous materials, in the following:
(1) Containers that do not exceed 119 gal (450 L) individual capacity
(2) Portable tanks that do not exceed 660 gal (2500 L) individual capacity
(3) Intermediate bulk containers that do not exceed 793 gal (3000 L) individual capacity. 14.2 .........

NFPA 30 14.5 Hazardous Material Storage Lockers

14.5 Designated Sites for Hazardous Materials Storage Lockers.

14.5.1 Lockers shall be located on a designated approved site on the property.

14.5.2 The designated site shall be arranged to provide the minimum separation distances specified in Table 14.5.2 between individual lockers, from locker to property line that is or can be built upon, and from locker to nearest side of public ways or to important buildings on the same property.

14.5.3 Once the designated site is approved, it shall not be changed without the approval of the authority having jurisdiction.

14.5.4 More than one locker shall be permitted on a designated site, provided that the separation distance between individual lockers is maintained in accordance with Table 14.5.2.

Table 14.5.2 Designated Sites (See Table)

Please consult your local authority having jurisdiction with your questions and for guidance in conforming to laws as they apply to your application. This is only meant for a reference and does not imply a warranty.