National Fire Protection Association 30 - Safety Cans

NFPA 30 3.3.48* Safety Can

A listed container of not more than 5.3 gal (20 L) capacity having a screen or strainer in each fill and pour opening and having a spring-closing lid and spout cover de- signed to safely relieve internal pressure when exposed to fire.

NFPA 30 9.4 Acceptable Containers

(3) Nonmetallic or metallic commercial/industrial safety cans meeting the requirements of, and used within the scope of, one or more of the following specifications:
(a) ANSI/UL 30, Standard for Metal Safety Cans
(b) ANSI/UL 1313, Standard for Nonmetallic Safety Cans for Petroleum Products
(c) FM Global Approval Standard for Safety Containers and Filling, Supply, and Disposal containers — Class Number 6051 and 6052

NFPA 30 Table 9.4.3 Maximum Allowable Size Containers

Table 9.4.3 Maximum Allowable Size — Containers, Intermediate Bulk Containers (IBCs), and Portable Tanks (See Attachemnt)

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