Changes to Polyethylene Trays for Metallic Safety Cabinets

Effective July 1, 2020, we will be changing the color of the polyethylene trays for metallic safety cabinets from white to a safety yellow. This will be a running change to the product line, and while there will be no changes to the safety cabinet part numbers, we will be introducing eight new part numbers for replacement trays and 5 for shelf/tray combos.

The white trays will be discontinued once all remaining inventory has been exhausted.

The following information is available to help facilitate this change:

  • Cross reference table in excel showing the current white trays and their new yellow equivalents.
  • Master attribute file for the new tray numbers with all the information needed to get these new numbers set up, including specs and UPC codes.
  • List of the most common affected cabinets, along with any updated images that we have available. (While not on the list, the international equivalents with a "1" on the end are also part of this change.)
  • Updated cabinet images referenced in the spreadsheet above.
  • Updated yellow poly tray and poly tray/shelf combo images.

Please contact Justrite customer service or your regional sales manager for additional assistance.

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