Sound Barriers

Reduce Noise Disturbances on Work Sites

Justrite offers temporary sound barriers as a solution to combat noise pollution on worksites. These innovative QuietSite™ Noise Barriers absorb and reflect sound to reduce the perceived noise level (dBA).

Noise in the workplace (occupational noise) poses a safety risk to work crews and affects the public near job sites. Our temporary sound barrier wall reduces everyday construction noises by up to half, changing the perceived sound of a 90 lb. jackhammer breaking up concrete to the dBA to that of a household blender. These noise barriers can control the noise in multiple applications and are useful in controlling the noise and allowing compliance based on the state or local noise ordinance.

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  1. QuietSiteBasic Sound Barrier 4X6 Panel - #26460
  2. QuietSiteBasic Sound Barrier 4X8 Panel - #26464
  3. QuietSiteMetal frame kit, 4 ft x 8 ft. - #26468
  4. QuietSiteMetal base (foot), 4 ft - #26470
  5. QuietSiteRail clamps - #26474

10 Items

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