Aerosolv® Mega 9000 Aerosol Can Disposal System - 38232

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Key Benefits

  • Ideal for large generators of aerosol cans
  • Eliminate an entire RCRA waste stream and reduce disposal costs
  • Entire unit is protection coated for easy cleaning
  • Includes can counter and maintenance kit


Save money with the Aerosolv® Mega 9000 aerosol can disposal system. Specifically designed for large generators of aerosol cans, it simplifies aerosol can disposal, resulting in recyclable scrap steel in just seconds. The system includes a combination Colormetric carbon filter, two (2) replacement Colormetric carbon cartridges, maintenance kit, Viton® gasket, anti-static wire, safety goggles, padlock and key and Aerosolv counter.

The Aerosolv 9000 aerosol can puncturing device is easy to use. Thread the unit directly to the 2-inch bung of any 30- or 55-gallon drum. Place aerosol can nozzle side down in housing sleeve and lock the sliding top plate. Tighten the sealing knob to further depress the can to the internal gasket. Firmly push the handle down to depress contents into the drum. The coalescing filter/carbon cartridge captures odors and potentially harmful VOCs. Once contents are completely discharged, process the empty aerosol can as recyclable waste.

The spent aerosol can counter helps extend the life of your aerosol can disposal system by counting and recording the number of cans depressurized and drained into the drum. Take note of the colormetric indicator to determine when the carbon canister is reaching saturation, at which time it must be replaced.

Use the maintenance repair kit for routine maintenance to keep your device performing expected. All replacement components are easy to install.


More Information
Model No 38232
UPC 697841177673
EPA Compliance Yes
Net Weight, lbs 9
Body Aircraft Aluminum
Puncture Pin Stainless Steel (Non-Sparking)
Gasket Aeroprene
Sleeve Nylon



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