Nonmetallic Safety Cans for Laboratories


Along with all the benefits of our classic Type I safety cans, these nonmetallic safety cans come with faucets to make them the first choice of lab professionals for safe dispensing of hazardous liquids into small flasks and beakers. The fill spouts have self-closing pressure-relief caps and stainless steel flame arresters. Self-closing faucets provide trouble-free dispensing.

Our polyethylene safety dispensing can has superb corrosion protection, and a unique current-carrying carbon insert embedded into the container allows for proper grounding. Nonmetallic shelf cans have a faucet mounted 2-in (51-mm) above the bottom to eliminate the need to lift the cans during dispensing. The tilt cans use a cradle that allows the can to swing forward for dispensing while holding it securely on the bench top.

All styles are FM-approved.