Liquid Disposal Cans and Drain Cans


Liquid disposal cans provide a better solution for the containment of liquid flammable or corrosive waste. Composed of durable HDPE, the cans are available in safety red or in translucent white to easily detect liquid levels. The large-mouth opening features a built-in stainless steel flame arrester to guard against outside ignition. All liquid disposal cans include a stainless steel handle and hardware with a latch-catch system that holds the cap in the open position for easy filling and pouring.

Use Justrite drain cans to safely collect waste liquids from parts washing equipment. Our drain cans feature a wide-mouth, 8-7/8 inch (225-mm) plated steel funnel to catch any drainage without creating a spill or mess. A ¾-inch (19-mm) threaded plug permits disposal of waste liquids into a permanent receptacle.