Steel Drum Parts and Accessories


55 Gallon Drum Lifter, Grounders and More

Storage drums are a versatile and convenient storage method used in many different industries. Justrite offers several 55 gallon drum accessories, including anti-static wires, drum locks, fill gauges, spill trays, drum cradles, and more. Whether it's filling, dispensing, mixing, or storing, Justrite sells the drum accessories for your needs.

55-gallon drums are commonly used to store and move chemicals, oils, and other hazardous products. These drums also allow you to conveniently store chemicals close to their point of use. While popular and easy-to-use, 55-gallon drums are heavy and can pose some risks. Safe storage and handling of 55-gallon chemical drums are essential for preventing environmental incidents, fires, or injuries. Our full line of drum accessories will help you transport, store, and use your drum safely.