EPA CFR 40 - Standard Cleaning Operations

Per EPA 63.744 Standards: Cleaning operations. (a) Housekeeping measures

(a) Housekeeping measures. Each owner or operator of a new or existing cleaning operation subject to this subpart shall comply with the requirements in these paragraphs unless the cleaning solvent used is identified in Table 1 of this section or contains HAP and VOC below the de minimis levels specified in § 63.741(f).

(1) Unless the owner or operator satisfies the requirements in paragraph
(a)(4) of this section, place used solvent-laden cloth, paper, or any other absorbent applicators used for cleaning in bags or other closed containers. Ensure that these bags and containers are kept closed at all times except when depositing or removing these materials from the container. Use bags and containers of such design so as to contain the vapors of the cleaning solvent.

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