90-EN Safety Cabinet for Flammables


EN Safety Cabinet for Flammables

Flammable Storage Cabinets

Justrite 90-minute EN safety storage cabinets safely store and segregate flammables by providing up to 90 minutes of extreme fire-resistance – ideal for high-risk environments, such as buildings with inadequate sprinkler systems or facilities that handle large volumes of chemicals. They are also suitable for high-occupancy facilities such as arenas, shopping malls or high-rise buildings where fast evacuation efforts could be hindered in an emergency. These attractive two-toned yellow cabinets are constructed with a body of melamine resin and flame-retardant special plates, and a steel door front covered by a textured, durable powder-coat finish. Under fire conditions, special intumescent protection strips expand and seal hermetically to close gaps between the door(s) and frame to reduce heat entering the cabinet. The hybrid style doors operate manually and stop in any position. In the event of a fire, the built-in fusible link system will melt and release to allow automatic closure of door(s) at 122°F (50°C).

All 90-minute EN safety cabinets are EN compliant and meet NFPA 30, NFPA 1, and OSHA standards. The cabinets are independently fire tested and approved by FM Approvals and MPA Dresden. 90-minute EN cabinets are available in 30 and 45 gallon capacities.