Under Fume Hood Safety Cabinets


Justrite Sure-Grip EX Under Fume Hood Safety Cabinets allow the safe storage of solvents and flammables in laboratories. Constructed of welded, 18-gauge (1-mm) steel double-walls with 1-1/2-in (38-mm) insulating air space, these cabinets include back wall vents with built-in flame arresters and stainless steel, 3-point bullet self-latching system.

Under fume hood safety cabinets measure 35-3/4-in (908-mm) high to fit under fume hoods, benches or counters in laboratories. The 4-in (102-mm) high x 3-in (77-mm) deep toe kick allows the hood user to stand closer, which means less leaning and better ergonomics. Cabinets feature an adjustable SpillSlope shelf that directs any spills to the back and bottom of a leakproof 2-in (51-mm) sump. A durable powder-coat finish, inside and out, provides maximum chemical resistance.

The cabinets come in three colors—safety yellow, stainless silver or light neutral to complement laboratory settings. Single-door under fume hood safety cabinets are available in either left or right-hinge door configuration and feature U-Loc™ handles that come with a double key set. Users can add an optional padlock for added security. The highly reflective Haz-Alert™ hazard labels at the top and bottom of the cabinets provide easy visibility.