Waste Liquid Storage Cabinets


Temporarily store flammable waste on site with Justrite Sure-Grip EX Waste Liquid Storage Cabinets. Fully compliant with OSHA and NFPA, the cabinet features a large “Flammable Waste” warning label on its door to identify contents and prevent a mix up of contents. The cabinet is constructed of welded, 18-gauge (1-mm) double-walled steel with 1-1/2-in (38-mm) insulating air space for fire resistance.

Use flammable waste liquid storage cabinets for the temporary collection and segregation of flammable liquid waste. The cabinets include adjustable SpillSlope shelves that direct any spills to the back and bottom of a leakproof 2-in (51-mm) sump and a three-point stainless steel bullet latch for fail-safe, positive door closure. Other features include U-Loc™ handles that come with double key sets and accept optional padlock for added security, dual 2-in (51-mm) vents with integral flame arresters, built-in grounding connectors, and leveling feet for stability on uneven surfaces.