Sump-to-Sump™ Drain Kit for EcoPolyBlend™ Accumulation Centers, S/S Clips, Grommets, Transfer Tube - 28927

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Product Summary

  • Join accumulation centers together to fit your spill containment needs
  • Suitable for applications requiring a continuous sump
  • Increase sump capacity by joining 4-drum and smaller accumulation centers
  • Meets EPA requirements when sump capacities reach 71 gal (270 L)
  • Includes stainless steel joining clips and transfer tubes


The Justrite Sump-to-Sump™ Drain Kit for EcoPolyBlend™ Accumulation Centers (model 28927) includes stainless steel clips, grommets, and a transfer tube. Ideal for applications that require a continuous sump, it allows you to increase sump capacity by joining together 4-drum and smaller accumulation centers.

Measuring 4 in W x 2 in D (102 mm W x 51 mm D) with a net weight of only 1 lb (0.5 kg), the Sump-to-Sump drain kit helps create a scalable, modular network of accumulation centers that can increase or decrease in size depending on your spill containment needs.

Why do you need it??

When it comes to spill containment in the workplace, it is essential to have the right equipment to ensure leaks and spills do not get out into the environment. Implementing spill control pallets and accumulation centers is important, but if you do not have enough sump capacity it can result in not properly containing incidental leaks and spills. In addition, if you are using 4-drum and smaller accumulation centers in the workplace, you need to join them together for a minimum sump capacity of 71 gal (270 L) in order to meet full EPA compliance and other regulations.

Using model 28927 solves both of these issues, allowing you to create a modular network of accumulation centers as well as providing the ability to increase and decrease sump capacity based on your workplace needs. It also helps ensure full compliance with regulations when the connected sump capacity reaches 71 gal (270 L), which is paramount for some industries and sectors.

In addition to its use for drums, this drain kit can be used for other containers. This includes buckets or pails that store all types of liquids, such as rubbing alcohols, cleaning supplies, and fatty oils. Drain kits are also great to use for large industrial batteries that can leak acids and chemicals.


More Information
Model No 28927
UPC 697841063068
International Model No. 28927
102mm W x 51mm D
Net Weight, lbs 1.0
Net Weight, kg 0.5



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