Advisory for Relocated Fusible Link on Self-Closing Flammable Safety Cabinets

April 2020

Effective immediately, we have relocated the fusible links in all flammable safety cabinets with self-closing doors. This change does not affect the safety, performance or warranty of the cabinet. Rest assured that cabinets with the fusible links located in its previous position continue to be FM-approved and safe to use.

As part of this running change, the mounting locations for the links are moving from the top outside side edges of the cabinet to the inside center where the doors hinge to the body of the cabinet. This will allow the fusible link to wedge between two tabs and keep the doors open.

Installation is very easy. Using a screwdriver, the user attaches the fusible link chain to the specified mounting location on each side of the cabinet.

While holding the door open, the user inserts the fusible link, then releases the door slowly. The link catches behind the hinge, creating tension that allows the door to remain open.

In case of a fire, when the ambient temperature reaches 165° F (74° C), the fusible links melt. This causes the safety cabinet’s doors to automatically shut.

Installations instructions that come with the cabinets have been updated.