5 Gallon, 1" Metal Hose, Roll Bars, DOT Transport Steel Safety Can for Flammables, Type II, Accuflow™, Red - 7350130

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Compliance OSHA Compliance Complies with NFPA Code 30 UN Compliance CARB Compliance
Approvals FM Approval D.O.T Approval

Product Summary

  • High quality 5 gal (19 L) steel safety can for for transporting flammable liquids in commercial vehicles and onsite fuel dispensing
  • Meets DOT regulations for over-the-road transport of gasoline
  • Heavy-duty roll-bars protect the spout from damage during falls
  • Can dimensions of 18.52 in H x 11.75 in OD (445 mm H x 298 mm OD)
  • Flexible 9 in L x 1 in OD (229 mm L x 25 mm OD) metal hose spout aids with dispensing gasoline
  • Complies with DOT, HM-181, UN 1A1/Y1.2/100, CARB, OSHA, and NFPA Code 30; FM approved

WARNING:This product can expose you to chemicals including lead, which is known to the State of California to cause cancer and birth defects or other reproductive harm. For more information go to www.P65Warnings.ca.gov.


Use this trusted and reliable 5 gal (19 L) Justrite red DOT Type II Accuflow™ Steel Safety Can with Roll Bars (model 7350130) for over-the-road transport of flammable liquids, like gasoline, and as a safety can for onsite fuel dispensing. Transporting gasoline and other flammable liquids is required across many industries including, but not limited to, construction, landscaping, mining, golf course maintenance, and tow truck operators.

Compliance with the Department of Transportation (DOT) regulations for over-the-road transport of flammables is simpler with Justrite's DOT-compliant Type II safety can — ideal for remote gas-fueled equipment.

This safety can is made of steel, has an exterior height of 18.52 in (445 mm), an outer diameter of 11.75 in (298 mm), and the fill or pour hole is 1.68 in (43 mm). The accompanying metal hose is 9 in (229 mm) long and has an outer diameter of 1 in (25 mm). Model 7350130 weighs 12.5 lb (5.7 kg); and is one of four red DOT safety can options available from Justrite.

AccuFlow's exclusive Safe-Squeeze® trigger mechanism opens the piston-actuated spout and vacuum-release valve for glug-free, fast and accurate pouring. Release the handle to instantly close the valve and guard against spills.

Built-in safety features include an internal stainless steel flame arrester to dissipate heat preventing flashback ignition, a leak-tight, self-closing lid automatically venting between 3 and 5 psig (0.2 and 0.35 bar), and heavy roll bars to protect the spout. The safety can exterior includes a large ID zone to write and identify contents, in order to avoid misuse or mixing incompatible products.

Model 7350130 is FM Approved and comes with a 10-year limited warranty. It meets DOT, HM-181, and OSHA compliance requirements; complies with NFPA code 30; has United Nations (UN) approved marking 1A1/Y1.2/100; and is an accepted container under CARB.

DOT Compliant Transport and Dispensing Cans

When in travel mode, a hold-down bracket is tethered to the lid with an easy-to-grasp tightening screw that prevents vapor release and spills during transport.

The can features a fusible link bracket that engages easily when used to transport fuel. In cases of extreme heat or fire conditions, the fusible link melts at 165°F (74°C). This allows the lid to vent and relieve pressure, preventing dangerous pressure buildup that could lead to a rupture or explosion. When the fusible link bracket is disengaged, the can acts as a standard safety can and should not be used for transporting fuel.

Place DOT safety cans in usage mode for on-site fuel dispensing. When the tethered magnetic bracket is loosened, it rests on top of the can, preventing parts from getting lost.


More Information
Model No 7350130
UPC 697841140851
International Model No. 7350130
FM Approval Yes
D.O.T Approval Yes
HM-181 Approval Yes
OSHA Compliance Yes
Complies with NFPA Code 30 Yes
UN Compliance Yes
CARB Compliance Yes
Color Red
Material Specifications Steel
Dimensions, Exterior 18.52" H x 11.75" Outer Dia.
445mm H x 298mm Outer Dia.
Capacity 5 gallon
Liter Capacity 19
Fill/Pour Hole inch 1.68
Fill/Pour Hole mm 43
Hose Dimensions 9" L x 1" Outer Dia.
229mm L x 25mm Outer Dia.
Net Weight, lbs 12.5
Net Weight, kg 5.7



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