Justrite Safety Cans and Containers

For facilities that use flammable or hazardous materials in their operations, safety cans and containers provide a way to store these substances safely. Flammable liquids can be volatile if they are improperly contained. It is vital that these liquids be stored in accordance with the regulatory requirements to protect staff and assets.

According to the Occupational Health and Safety Administration (OSHA), a safety can is an approved method of storing these substances in such a way as to minimize the risk of combustion. OSHA identifies a safety can as an approved container with no more than a 5-gallon capacity capable of relieving internal pressure if the container is exposed to a fire.

OSHA standard 1910.106(a)(29) requires that facilities take adequate precautions to prevent the ignition of flammable liquids. Because Justrite safety cans are uniquely designed to meet the OSHA and NFPA code 30 flammable liquids storage requirements, these containers will enable facilities to comply with regulatory guidance and keep personnel safe when storing and using dangerous liquids.

Justrite offers a wide range of safety cans and containers designed to store flammable or hazardous liquids safely. To help you find the safety can that is best suited to your facility’s needs, here is an outline of the safety cans and containers available from Justrite and a description of each container’s ideal application.

Safety Cans and Containers

Type I Safety Cans

Type I safety cans are metal safety containers that can be used to store a variety of flammable liquids. These cans feature a sealed lid that automatically vents internal pressure. The coated steel construction of these cans is tested to ensure completely leakproof storage.

The flame arrestors of the Type I can are designed to offer flashback protection, and the optional funnel makes it easy to pour liquid into smaller openings. These FM-approved containers are available in a variety of colors that correspond to various flammable liquids color codes.

Type II Safety Cans

Type II safety cans offer all the features of the Type I safety can with the added convenience of the AccuFlow™ pouring system. Type II safety cans feature two openings—one for filling and the other for dispensing—designed to provide users with a safe and controlled pour.

The flow controlled Safe-Squeeze® trigger on Type II cans enables users to regulate the flow rate when dispensing flammable liquids. These containers also feature a long metal hose spout that makes it easier to pour liquids into smaller openings.

DOT Safety Cans

The heavy-duty roll bars of the DOT safety can are designed to protect the spout from damage if the can is dropped or impacted. These durable safety cans are manufactured to comply with the Department of Transportation’s regulations for the transport of flammable liquids in any commercial vehicle on public roads and highways. DOT safety cans also feature a hold-down bracket that prevents vapors from escaping during transportation. Find the right DOT cans for you at Justrite.

Waste Disposal Safety Containers

For safe disposal of oily rags, combustible debris, or flammable liquids, the waste disposal containers are FM- and UL-approved metal waste cans designed to eliminate the risk of combustion. The lid of these containers remains closed when not in use, isolating the contents from potential ignition sources. The elevated base of the waste disposal can allows maximum air circulation that will disperse heat and reduce moisture build-up.

Plastic Safety Cans

Type I polyethylene safety cans feature a durable HDPE construction that is chemically resistant. These containers are manufactured with a self-closing cap and flame arrestor that prevent liquids from igniting. The pressure relief mechanism allows automatic venting, and the carbon insert will prevent the creation of static arc during pouring or filling.

HPLC and Chemical Containers

HPLC disposal lab containers are solvent waste containers that offer compliance with EPA regulations and protection for personnel during the disposal of hazardous chemicals. These containers also feature quick-disconnect features and carbon-coalescing filters for increased safety. Lab containers are available in stainless steel and polyethylene options.

Laboratory Carboys & Solvent Waste Systems

The improper disposal of hazardous materials is dangerous for employees and could lead to fines from the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA). Laboratory carboys are designed to collect waste from HPLC machines and trap potentially harmful vapors emitted from solvents. The leakproof construction of these hazardous-waste containers ensures the safe and proper disposal of dangerous substances.

Plunger Cans and Dispensing Containers

Plungers and dispensing cans provide users with a way to effectively clean equipment and parts. The plunger design of these containers makes it easy to moisten a cloth without leaving liquids exposed. These containers can help to reduce splashes or spills that occur during cleaning.

Find the Safety Cans or Container That is Right for You

Justrite is the industry leader in flammable liquid storage containers. We supply facilities with the equipment they need to safely store dangerous materials, meet regulatory compliance and keep employees protected. Take a look at our extensive safety can product inventory and find the safety can best suited to your flammable liquid storage needs.

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