Safety Equipment For Mechanics In The Auto Repair Industry 

Automotive repair shops throughout the nation and around the world face similar challenges as they strive to create a safe environment for both their auto mechanics and the clients they serve. In an effort to help automotive repair professionals stay safe and perform their duties to the best of their abilities, Justrite carries a wide range of products that can improve safety and efficiency in your repair shop.

Safety equipment for an automotive repair facility is designed to protect personnel, customers, and assets.

It is important to utilize proper safety equipment to mitigate the risks of injury in your facility. Justrite has been recognized as an industry leader in the safe management of flammable liquids and other hazardous materials since 1906. Our product offering has expanded over the years to include a wide range of safety vessels, storage solutions, and emergency equipment.

To help you find the equipment that is best suited to your facility, we’ve provided an overview of the various areas of a typical automotive repair facility and an outline of the safety equipment that can prove beneficial when utilized in those areas.

Auto Repair Shop Safety Equipment By Location 

Reception and Waiting Room

The customer experience at your auto repair shop begins and ends in your reception/waiting room. The right safety precautions can help ensure that both your team and your customers stay safe throughout the entire process. Justrite carries waste receptacles designed for oily waste and flammable materials so that your team will be able to easily dispose of any of these materials that enter your reception area. We also carry cough and sneeze guards as well as hand sanitizer to help keep your mechanics and customers healthy and safe.

Front Entrance/Parking Lot

Your parking lot and front entrance can see heavy traffic as your customers and their vehicles in need of repair come through. Justrite waste receptacles are the ideal choice for outside your front entrance next to your parking lot. We carry waste receptacles for waste paper and solvent-free combustible accumulation, as well as receptacles for cigarette disposal. Our ashtrays are made of flame-retardant polyethylene for high durability and can be paired with an anchoring cable kit to provide added security and stability.

Car Wash/ Detailing Facilities 

Car washes and detailing bays make use of countless chemicals to send cars on their way looking brand new. For the safe storage of your various cleaning products, we recommend Justrite’s polyethylene corrosive chemical cabinets. They are designed to safely and securely store corrosive and caustic chemicals when not in use, protecting your employees and customers from potential harm. 

According to the Center for Disease Control (CDC), 2000 U.S. workers sustain a job-related eye injury that requires medical treatment. Should an incident occur in your auto repair shop involving either your personnel or customers, it is important to have an emergency face and eyewash station on hand.  We offer emergency washing stations in a variety of configurations, including wall-mounted and pedestal-mounted emergency wash stations. We also carry portable models in case you want to keep the layout of your workspace flexible or water lines are inaccessible.

Tow Truck

Your tow trucks can see many different unique circumstances, and it is essential that they are prepared for anything, both at your garage and on the road. Justrite carries a number of products that are ideal for helping your tow truck drivers stay safe and compliant with governing bodies.

Back at the garage, Justrite’s spill containment berms can be used to prevent oils or other contaminants from escaping into the environment. We also provide drip pads, drain covers, and mini-flex trays to help your tow truck drivers contain hazardous liquids on the job. These easy-to-use containment vessels can help your facility achieve regulatory compliance required by the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) and the Clean Water Act.

When transporting fuel out on the road, we recommend doing so with Justrite’s DOT-approved Type-II safety cans.  Our DOT-approved safety cans are easy to use and extra durable to handle rough roads.

Maintenance Garage

The garage is often the heart of your operation and is liable to see any number of potential dangers in a given workweek. We carry numerous safety solutions for auto repair garages, including carboys, drum storage cabinets, safety showers, and more. 

It’s extremely common for mechanics to be utilizing flammable and combustible liquids such as gasoline, diesel fuel oil, and oil. It is important to utilize appropriate safety equipment, including safety cans, safety cabinets, and appropriate waste receptacles when handling these liquids. Safety cans are designed to store and dispense flammable liquids safely. Storing them within a flammable safety cabinet protects workers by reducing the risk of exposure to flames, sparks, and any other ignition sources. Utilizing auto repair fuel safety equipment keeps your team safe and your business compliant with governing bodies.

Auto shops frequently utilize aerosols in their work, which can often prove difficult to dispose of. For garages looking to solve this problem, we recommend the Aerosolv® Aerosol Recycling System.  It is a puncture device requiring minimal maintenance while allowing users to convert spent aerosols into recyclable steel containers. It’s safe, easy, and compliant, making it a logical choice for countless auto garages.

For chemicals not stored in aerosol form, our plunger dispensing cans are an excellent way to control volume when attempting to dampen a cloth with potentially hazardous liquids. If it would be more effective to submerge a small part fully rather than wiping it down, we recommend using our dip tanks and wash tanks, which are designed to simplify small parts cleaning.

While the safety equipment noted above can significantly reduce the risk of spills in your auto shop, it is still important to be prepared for the possibility of a spill of flammable or corrosive liquids. We recommend that your auto shop prepare for this eventuality by having spill berms, drip pads, and drip trays on hand to mitigate the risk and impact that a spill may have on your shop.

Paint Preparation Area & Paint Booths 

For painting booths in an automotive repair facility, it is crucial to properly store paints and other chemicals. Safety cabinets for combustibles can be used to safely store paints and other liquids in the painting area of a repair or body shop.

This is another area in your facility where it is recommended to have waste receptacles that are designed to handle oily waste and flammable materials safely. In the event of an accident, use a Justrite indoor safety shower to rinse off any potentially dangerous materials.

Roadside Service Vehicle

If your auto repair shop also provides roadside service, it’s important to ensure that your roadside service vehicle is properly equipped to handle the job safely and efficiently. Roadside service vehicles should be equipped with DOT-approved gas cans, as well as a safe means of disposing of flammable waste.

It is also wise to travel equipped with spill containment equipment. We recommend that you carry some type of secondary spill containment solutions which include drain covers, drip pans, and mini-berm flex trays to ensure safe and effective service on the roadside.

Outdoor Storage 

Maintaining a safe and organized outdoor storage facility is paramount for many auto repair shops. Justrite provides a wide range of outdoor storage solutions for auto garages, including gas cylinder stands, carts, racks, and pallets. Utilizing them can help promote the safe storage of gas cylinders in your workplace. 

The National Fire Protection Association (NFPA) requires that outdoor safety lockers with explosion relief panels be used for the safe storage and dispensing of Class 1A and 1B flammable liquids. Our outdoor storage lockers are equipped to keep your team safe and compliant and come in both 2-hour and 4-hour fire ratings.

We also carry safety drum faucets, vents, funnels, and pumps to provide users with safe and secure means of accessing the flammable liquids within. Pair these with our spill containment pallets, and you will be well on your way to ensuring a safe and clean storage facility.

Justrite has been recognized as an industry leader in safety equipment for more than 100 years, and we supply facilities all over the world with the products they need to keep personnel and their customers safe. Justrite carries numerous products that would be of benefit in an auto repair shop, including chemical storage cabinets, safety cans, secondary containment solutions, and more. No matter what you need, we are confident that we will be able to help.