Temporary Construction Noise Barriers

The decibel value, or dBA, is an expression of the relative loudness of sounds as they are perceived by the human ear. Protect both workers and members of the public from unwelcome noise pollution with temporary construction noise barriers.

Combat the Threat of Hearing Loss at the Source

For reference, a normal conversation takes place at approximately 60dBA; a food blender at 3 ft. is approximately 90dBA. Each move up of 10dBA represents a doubling of perceived sound, so 80dBA is perceived as twice as loud as 70dBA, and four times as loud as 60dBA.

Industrial noise barriers help alleviate the health threats posed to employees who are persistently exposed to unwelcome noise pollution. Not only can noise pollution damage hearing, it also creates a distracting work environment that may lead to other safety issues.

Basic Concepts, Inc. (BCI) now offers Noise Reduction Barriers to help reduce common construction noises by up to half. These industrial noise barriers create a reduction that can change the auditory perception of a 90 lb. jackhammer breaking concrete to that of standing next to someone using a household blender.

Rent Sound Barriers

Noise Reduction Barriers

BCI Noise Reduction Barriers provide a versatile approach for both internal and external acoustic screening. As manufacturers of Soundex® superior noise control products, BCI combats the threat of hearing loss at the source, protecting both workers and members of the public.

All are lightweight, fully waterproof, and fire retardant. They are quick to install and ideal for both short- and long-term applications.

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