OSHA Violations Related to Safety Lockers and Cylinder Storage

Safety cabinets or safety lockers are designed to safely store flammable liquids, gases, or other hazardous materials in compliance with regulatory requirements. Flammable liquids and gases are classified based on their inherent qualities. The storage requirements for flammable substances vary depending on the substance’s classification and what kind of container it is kept.

Flammable or hazardous materials contained in safety cans, aerosol containers, or other small containers should be stored in a designated safety storage cabinet. For combustible gases in larger containers—such as gas cylinders—there are separate regulations and storage methods of which facilities should be aware.

To help you find the most suitable storage equipment for your flammable gas cylinders, here is a look at the relevant regulations, the most common violations of those regulations, and the equipment that can help your facility achieve compliance.

OSHA Regulations for the Storage of Flammable Liquids

The Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) standard 1910.253(b)(2) outlines the general storage requirements for gas cylinders. Subpart (ii) of this section requires that gas cylinders be stored in a “well-protected,” “well-ventilated,” “dry” location that is at least 20 feet away from any highly combustible materials.

This standard further requires that gas cylinders be kept in an area away from stairways and elevators and in a location where they will not be easily knocked over or damaged by falling materials. Lastly, section (ii) of subpart 2 requires that gas cylinders not be kept in unventilated storage cabinets or lockers.

Common Violations of OSHA Requirements for Gas Cylinders

In 2020, OSHA published a document that outlined the most common violations for the previous year. For section 1910.253(b)(2), two of the most frequently issued citations were concerning subparts (ii) and (iv) for a total of 58 violations in that year.

The explanation for the citations issued was that gas cylinders were improperly stored or that they were stored in close proximity to combustibles. To avoid a citation for improper storage of gas cylinders, facilities should keep cylinders away from potential ignition sources and in the appropriate storage lockers.

Find the Right Equipment for Your Facility

Gas cylinder storage lockers are specifically designed to safely house multiple gas cylinders in compliance with OSHA and NFPA requirements. These lockers are designed to provide a well-ventilated storage area for gas cylinders to prevent cylinders from being knocked over by traffic or falling debris.

Justrite is the industry leader in workplace safety equipment. To find the gas cylinder storage equipment best suited to your needs, contact a product specialist today.

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