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Urine Odor Remover and
Stain Removal Kit

To eliminate Pet Odor and Stains in carpet, upholstery, and hard surfaces,  you need a true professionally designed kit.


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This Complete Kit Includes:

▪  1 Qt. 123 Odor Free™

▪  4 Spray Nozzles

▪  1 Qt. 123 Yellow Free™

▪  Measuring Cup

▪  16 Oz. Instant Odor Neutralizer™

▪  Spotting Towel

▪  2 Oz. Injector Tool

▪  Easy-to-Follow

 Your Free Gift:  Order today and we'll also include an additional 1 qt. All Purpose Spotter ( see photo) or if you prefer; an extra qt. of Odor Free.

(Retail value $59.95)

Internet Special $39.95

 Order Information


  • It is NOT a liquid enzyme "saturate and blot" type  product that you see so often in the pet stores. 

  • This is not a single spray product that fails to reach the urine or address all the elements i.e., urea, bacteria, stain, and urine salt crystals. 

  • You do not have to lift the carpet.

  • You do not have to follow up with a shop vac, wet vac, or carpet cleaner, as with some other products.

Here's how it works:

The 1•2•3 Kit comes with an injector tool which enables you to access the urine under the carpet, right down to the sub-floor. In our field we refer to this as SOURCE REMOVAL. In other words, REMOVE the urine, feces, vomit, and then there can be no further bacterial activity or odor.

The 1•2•3 Kit works because the procedure is correct. You  utilize three special products to REMOVE the problem.

The 123 Yellow Free™  neutralizes the spot, properly addresses the stain, and dissolves the urine salt crystals that gather between the carpet and pad for easier removal.

The Instant Odor Neutralizer™ eliminates the odor instantly, calms the pet down, and helps prevent re-marking!

Then inject the industrial strength culture through the carpet and pad to reach the urine. 80% of the urine is UNDER the carpet. (Simply spraying the top of the carpet doesn't reach the urine.) Cover with the spotting towel.

1) The 1•2•3 ODOR FREE™ enzyme/bacteria culture immediately goes to work. The enzymes  are the catalysts. They rapidly break down the urine molecules under the carpet into smaller pieces.         

2) Then the bacteria go into a "feeding frenzy," multiplying billions of times.  They consume all the urine, throughout the carpet, foam pad, and flooring.

3) With the food source eliminated, the bacteria will now expire. They simply convert to CO2 and water, evaporate, and the entire

process terminates along with the odor. The urine is gone. The bacteria are gone. The stain and urine salt crystal pigment wick up into the towel. The carpet and pad are as clean as the day they were installed!

We explain exactly what our products are, and exactly how they work. Most companies don't really explain what it is they are sending you. "We chemically convert," we capture this," "we destroy that," "we attack this," "we eliminate that," "we absorb this, and counteract that."  Sounds impressive,  but there's a key word missing on these sites. The word is  REMOVE. What's actually in these products, and what is it physically doing? There are dozens of "all in one" single products out there. You have urea, bacteria, stain, and urine salt crystals to remove. A single product cannot possibly accomplish all this! Only a professional type kit can. You can visit our products page (link below) for a detailed description of the kit products, and how they work.

Home Remedies DO NOT WORK!

There is a great deal of miss-information regarding pet odor products on the internet. A number of "how to" sites and forums recommend vinegar and hydrogen peroxide remedies. Common sense tells you that vinegar sets stains (like you set the dyes in Easter eggs) and hydrogen peroxide may bleach out your carpet! We have over sixty thousand internet homeowners who have already tried a huge variety of products and useless home remedies. Many had spent a great deal of money, and all had poor results.  Please compare our true testimonials with any other site. (Ours are unedited and include full name, city and state, unlike many others...you know; the 'Joe from Kentucky' or 'Sue from Colorado' rhetoric.)


We get callers every single day that have tried the "all in one" single spray products. They call because they are totally disappointed with the results. (New) urine may be addressed by some products, but if the urine has aged and develops stain and urine salts, they will fail.

The proper way to do it is using three products. The 1•2•3 Kit contains everything you need at one low price. Compare the entire 123 Kit to all the little (16 to 32 oz.) spray bottles you see coming on line recently. They  sound cheap; $9.95 to $19.95, but actually they are way over-priced. They cost little to produce, and you sure don't get much. They do not work as advertised because they fail to address all the elements.

With the 123 Kit you have three products to:

Eliminate the odor permanently -

Address the stain properly -

Remove the urine salts -

Help prevent re-marking!!!!

 Our 1•2•3 Kit addresses everything in one simple treatment.

Save $$$

We're in a tough economy folks. Why keep wasting $20 on one  quart of competitor product over and over again,  and get poor results, when you can  order a real professional type kit.  You'll receive two quarts of Odor Free, plus a quart of Yellow Free, plus a 16oz Instant Odor Neutralizer, an injector, 4 sprayers, and a spotting towel. That's enough to treat dozens of pet accidents, and you'll get perfect (permanent) results every time. Price wise and performance wise there's simply no comparison!!!

See  How to order

How about guarantees?  Are they 100% including shipping---absolutely no questions asked, or do they contain a list of "you didn't do this, or you didn't do that, or you didn't extract what you had used previously, or you used a contaminated container, or you didn't extract afterwards," so we're sorry it was your fault it didn't work properly. So then, you have to go on an aggravating back and forth roller coaster ride trying to get your money back. Always read the entire guarantee carefully. If you're dealing with a reputable company there should be absolutely no exclusions....NONE!

You can also check with the BBB to see if refund complaints have been made regarding a  company, or just Google the product name followed by the words reviews or complaints.

NOTE: Just Rite has a BBB rating of A+ with zero complaints in the 40 years we've been in business.   

Some sites don't even include a toll free number for questions.   We have two toll free numbers, that are available twelve hours a day, seven days a week. We don't try to avoid calls. We welcome callers with questions. You should ask questions! What's in the product? How exactly does it remove the urea,  stain, and the urine salts? Don't  just order on-line and simply hope for the best. Many are getting drawn in by the "press a key and order syndrome."

Why is it better to call in your order?

#1 It's far safer for credit card information.

#2 You'll get a much better feel for who you are dealing with.

#3 You'll get expert advice and guidance from professionals     who have been doing this 40 years.  Here's Bill...he's always available at 888-419-1299.

You may have wall to wall carpet, a wool oriental rug, a leather sofa, upholstery, a mattress, hardwood, tile, cement, plywood or OSB sub floors, walls, bed linens, clothing, etc., and it is always better to talk to someone who knows how to treat these items properly.

Free advice from Bill...40 year pro and easy to talk to.

Also, he will explain how to get the pet to STOP!


Call toll free 888-419-1299 and we will explain a very simple inexpensive method to treat any hard surface. Only two of the kit products are needed. DO NOT disinfect and seal. No sanding, disinfecting, or sealing is necessary. Disinfecting and sealing is exactly WHAT NOT TO DO. You need to eliminate the urine itself. We have saved thousands of homeowners thousands of dollars with this simple odor removal procedure. NOTE: All Kit items can be ordered individually.


As explained on our Q&A page odors are never a problem, but stains can sometimes be permanent. However, we are experts on all types of stain removal,  with 40 years of experience. This kit is superb for stains, and you will always have a live person to talk to and give you the best advice (as evidenced by our many testimonials.) You can call us toll free seven days a week.


Have you noticed other product testimonials where the homeowner has re-ordered many times---Why? Perhaps because the pet can still smell the urine even though the homeowner can't. We get re-orders of course, but our 123 Kit is designed to help eliminate re-marking. Aside from affording complete source removal, (utilizing three products) the 16 oz. Instant Odor Neutralizer in the Kit helps to dissuade re-marking.

Our professional carpet cleaners all use it in the gallon concentrate. If you need something to address any and all odors, or  help prevent your pet from re-marking,  then our Instant Odor Neutralizer 3X is the answer to all your problems. $29.95 for a gallon concentrate which makes 4 gallons, or 16 quarts!   Click here to read about this amazing new product> X-O - Instant O.N. 3X

Think about this:

You've probably already tried using pet store products, single sprays, or useless home remedies. Now try  a true professional kit that over sixty thousand internet homeowners use and love. Home remedies, retail, and "all in one" products can't possibly perform like a professional type kit. We guarantee you'll do it right the very first time, and as important as the quality of the kit; you will have a live person to talk to. We're here from 8am to 8pm, seven days a week. Everyone comments on how nice it is to simply call for advice, and get a professional expert instead of an order taker or recorder. Just give us a call, and we will cordially (taking as much time as you desire) explain how to use the kit for your own individual situation.

P.S. For the past 40 years our reputation has set the standard in the industry. We have by far the finest product, and we will ALWAYS give you our sincerest attention,  expert advice, and the absolute finest customer service.

William Barnes  Pres. Just Rite Cleaning Products, Inc.


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