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Client Testimonials

The Aerosolv® system has functioned well and has definitely been designed to consistently and reliably process aerosol containers without mechanical difficulties. Thank you for the support and information you have provided. If all companies took care of business the way you do, there would be a lot more success stories in the business world.

Tim Morin - Assistant General Manager
Nortech Waste LLC

Since we have started using our Aerosolv®, we have increased our productivity and decreased our waste generation. This saves us time and money. Before Aerosolv®, we generated 55 gallons of aerosol cans every 3 months. We now estimate we will only generate 15 gallons of flammable liquids over the course of a year!

Carl Thomas - Specialist
Specialty Environmental Services, Inc.

We've been using the Aerosolv® system for several years and can really see the benefits. Not only are we able to sell the cans as scrap steel, but more importantly, we have kept nearly 40 gallons of product from leaving our site with the cans. We believe in the system well enough that we've listed it as a Standard Operating Procedure in our Environmental Management System. The value of this program is more than dollars and cents—it's the right thing to do.

Clint Wernimont - Safety Coordinator and EMS Facility Coordinator

Our plant does not dispose of any aerosol cans into a landfill. Instead, we use the Aerosolv® unit to collect unused content into a drum. When the drum is full, the contents are sent to a recycler that processes the liquid into a fuel. The emply can is sent to the steel recycler. We feel recycling the aerosol can and its contents is not only a savings but environmentally, the right thing to do!

Joyce Weir - Data Coordinator

Southside Harley-Davidson is very excited about using the Aerosolv® system to recycle a once-hazardous waste stream that otherwise would have been land filled. We recognize both the cost savings it will bring and the opportunity to simply recycle the aerosol cans. Plus, the Aerosolv® technology is easy to use and safe for our employees.

Steve Benoit - General Manager
Southside Harley-Davidson Virginia Beach, VA

We have used the Aerosolv® machine in our household hazardous waste program with no operational issues. It has fulfilled our hopes in reducing the very high cost of processing aerosol cans which had afflicted our program in earlier years

Mike Sweeney - General Manager
Mendocino Solid Waste Management Authority

Thank you for your continued interest in our recycling program. During the period from 1 October 1992 to 31 September 1993, COMNAVBASE Norfolk realized a savings of $333,738.00 by utilizing the Aerosolv® Aerosol Can Recycling System. The Aerosolv® system was implemented as an alternative to the previous practice of hazardous waste disposal of aerosol cans bulked in drums as solid waste.

Commander - Naval Base Norfolk
United States Navy

We are presently using your Aerosolv® system at our Hazardous Waste site. We are one of the largest refineries on the Gulf Coast with a 350,000-BPD plus capacity and a commitment to recycling. We recycle around 700 aerosol cans per month so your system is a vital tool in our recycling strategy.

Steve Chapman - Waste Coordinator (April 4, 2001)

The reason we purchased the Aerosolv® device was that we had a surprise inspection from our local hazardous waste people and we were out of compliance with our aerosol can disposal. They informed us that to dispose of our used aerosol cans properly meant that the cans must be empty of all product and propellant. Before your device, we had no way of doing this without violating the law. Now, with our new Aerosolv®, it's extremely easy. We empty the product into a labeled drum and throw the empty can into our recycling barrel and everyone is happy. No more hassles.

Brad Vanwert - Sr. Maintenance Mechanic
City of Spokane, Wastewater Treatment

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