Aerosolv® Serves Our Country

The Navy's naval operations in Norfolk Virginia needed a system to manage the diversity and volume of aersol can recyclables. The Aerosolv® system met the challenge.

Case Studies - U.S. Navy's Final Report Aerosolv® Technology Field Test Demonstration

Aerosolv entered into an agreement with the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) and the California Environmental Protection Agency for federal verification and state certification of the Aerosolv® technology. The technology consists of an aerosol can puncturing/draining device that is threaded into the large bung hole at the top of a 55-gallon drum; a coalescing filter assembly that is threaded into the small bung hole of the drum; and a 30-gallon drum carbon filter canister.

Liquids discharged from the puncturing/draining device are collected in the collection receptacle. Non-condensable gases and volatile fractions are diverted through the coalescing filter and adsorbed onto the carbon. Empty cans resulting from the process are recycled as scrap metal.