Justrite Products

Safety Cans for Flammable Liquids

When the manufacturing process calls for handling flammable liquids, the utmost care must be exercised to avoid unsafe scenarios. A flammable liquid spill can easily find an ignition source, particularly if hot work—such as welding or grinding—is being performed nearby. A flammable liquid-fueled fire on a populated production floor can have tragic consequences.

Justrite safety cans are designed to reduce the risk of fire and explosion when pouring and storing flammable liquids. All Justrite safety cans feature a self-closing lid and flame arrester and comply with OSHA and NFPA regulations. Type I safety cans include a single opening for both pouring and filling, while Type II cans feature two openings including a flexible metal spout for precise pouring. Safety can capacities range from 1 pint to 5-gallons and are available in multiple colors.  

Safety Cabinets

Safe storage of fuels, chemicals and solvents on the production line is very important to reducing the risk of fire. Safety cabinets provide the ideal storage solution and meet federal compliance requirements such as OSHA and NFPA, as well as many state and local requirements. Justrite flammable liquid safety cabinets are engineered to protect anywhere from 4 to 115 gallons of flammable liquids in a fire-resistive and leak-containing enclosure.  All cabinets are constructed of 18-gauge thick steel double walls with 1.5 in of insulating air space for fire resistance. Models with self-closing doors provide maximum protection of their contents in the event of a fire. Color-coded, wall-mounted, under-counter, and add-on cabinets are available.

Corrosive chemicals such as solvents, cleaners, disinfectants, and metal treatments are often used in the manufacturing process. Improper storage of such acids and bases can be problematic and dangerous. A spill may pose a direct safety hazard to personnel; some corrosives chemicals can also cause damaging corrosion to nearby equipment and products.

Justrite provides safety cabinets for corrosives specifically designed for storing the harsh chemicals. Featuring a powder-coat finish formulated to resist acids, bases and solvents inside and out, the cabinets include polyethylene trays that fit over the galvanized steel shelves and a separate poly liner for the bottom sump. For superior protection, our ChemCor® lined safety cabinets feature a 100 percent seamless thermoplastic coating inside the cabinet.

Most manufacturing processes involve painting or printing in some part of the production process. Easily separate and identify Class II combustible paint inventory using Justrite paint storage safety cabinets for combustibles. These feature adjustable shelves for smaller pain tins, aerosols and other flammable items.

Parts Cleaners

In some manufacturing processes, parts cleaning is one of the required steps. Just because the production techs routinely perform this seemingly routine task does not diminish the fact that there are associated risks. Since most parts cleaners are flammable, the primary risk is fire. There is also a risk of spill if the parts cleaning solution is not securely contained.

Justrite helps you manage both the fire and containment risks of parts cleaning. Safely clean small parts on your assembly line in a Justrite wash tank. The 1- to 6-gallon tanks feature steel construction and a lid that self-closes via a fusible link mechanism. The integral basket helps your line personnel easily keep track of their parts.

For smaller parts that require full immersion in cleaner, Justrite’s dip tanks fill the need nicely and safely. Provided in 1- to 8-gallon sizes, the dip tank has Justrite safety built in. The sturdy steel container is protected by a self-closing lid/fusible link. If a larger tank is needed, the same features are available on an 11- or 22-gallon rinse tank.

When the aim is to establish a more formal parts cleaning station, Justrite has a super-efficient solution for you. Needing no external power, Justrite’s floor standing rinse tanks provide treadle-powered parts cleaning. The rinse tanks can be supplied in twin- or single-tank configurations with capacities up to 22 gallons. All floor standing models feature a cover that opens upon pressing the treadle and self-closes in a controlled fashion when the treadle is released.

Oily Waste Can

Oily rags are a fact of life around many manufacturing processes. During their shift, production personnel often use rags to wipe down equipment, and your maintenance crews generate a steady stream of oily rags daily in the course of their duties. But used rags can present a fire hazard. When oily rags are piled up, under the right circumstances, the oxidation of the oil can generate enough heat to ignite the rags.

Justrite oily waste cans helps eliminate this hazard. Our oily waste cans feature hands-free operation and a self-closing lid to restrict the oxygen supply. Constructed of durable steel, the oily waste cans are available in multiple colors and sizes.

Eyewash Stations

On the production line there are so many opportunities for eye injuries. There are pressurized processes, moving parts in machinery, not to mention dangerous chemicals. All these processes and plenty of others have the potential to cause injury to the eyes.

If, for whatever reason, PPE fails, it is paramount that employees be able to seek definitive initial treatment quickly. It is truly a race against time if a corrosive substance contacts the eyes. OSHA recommends that eyes be quickly flushed for a minimum of 15 minutes in these situations.

Justrite prepares you to provide effective eye and face washing capabilities for your production employees. Protect your personnel with Hughes pedestal and wall-mounted eye and face washing stations. Both open- and closed-bowl models are available on each, and a freeze protection option is provided for pedestal mounts. Users can choose from stainless-steel or ABS bowls and galvanized or stainless-steel piping.

When your eye/face wash needs takes you outside the range of your plumbing, Justrite lets you take protection with you. Justrite provides a wide range of portable and handheld eye/face wash stations. Self-contained and keg-mounted options let you tailor the solution to the need.

Indoor/Outdoor Plumbed Safety Showers

In many manufacturing scenarios, being splashed or sprayed by a dangerous liquid is real possibility. The damage the substance can do to the skin varies greatly depending on the particular liquid. Regardless, the response is the same: flush the contaminating liquid from the skin and clothes as quickly as possible.

To perform an effective flush on an adult, large amounts of water must be applied quickly. Justrite solves all of your safety shower needs with an incredibly wide selection of Hughes safety showers. Choose from wall-, floor-, and ceiling-mount drench showers, combination shower/eye/face wash stations, and enclosed emergency cubicle showers.

When your safety shower requirements involve providing protection outdoors, choosing a shower specially designed for outdoor use is critical. The issue is freezing, but Justrite lets you handle the situation with ease. Hughes provides freeze-protected wall- and floor-mounted showers. These models use 240V trace tape heating to prevent freezing. Hughes also provides a temperature-controlled safety shower capable of discharging tepid water (60°- 100°F) via an onboard 240V heater and 79-gallon heated water tank.

If there is no electrical supply, the Hughes self-draining, floor-mounted drench and combination showers allow you to still provide safety shower protection for outdoor or other potentially freezing environments. 

Non-Plumbed Showers

Manufacturing often takes place outdoors. Just because a process may not be inside the plant does not exempt it from following safety regulations. This means that if there is an opportunity for spray or splash contamination, even outside, there must be a safety shower/eyewash station within 10 seconds of the employee(s).

Without the correct equipment, this can be a tall order. Justrite enables you to make the easy choice of compliance with OSHA/ANSI standards using our inventive array of self-contained and/or portable safety showers. One innovative solution is Hughes’ 317- and 528-gallon emergency tank showers. The overhead tank uses gravity to supply a safety shower and eye/face wash station. An integral thermostat-controlled 110V immersion heater ensures the water is at least 60°F.

When a safety shower must be truly mobile, Justrite has thought of this too. The Hughes 30-gallon portable safety shower uses a pressure tank to provide combination safety shower and eye/face washing capabilities. Freeze-protected and insulated models provide tepid water in cold climates via 240V trace tape heating and special insulation.

If handwashing is the goal, Hughes has a portable model specially designed for this. Using a 30-gallon pressure tank, the Hughes self-contained handwashing station can deliver up to 150 washes. Hands-free activation and on-board soap and paper towel dispensers provide a complete and easy-to-use unit.

Effective decontamination in remote areas can be a difficult undertaking. Justrite simplifies the process greatly with its Hughes 16-nozzle portable decontamination shower. With a carrying case that converts into a base, the decon shower can be quickly supplied by a fire hydrant or fire apparatus via a 1.5” NH (F) connection to provide 360° decontamination.

Sound Barriers

Noise can be a real problem on the manufacturing floor. In some areas, it seems like the cutting, grinding, and sanding are non-stop. In addition to being a nuisance, hearing loss due to industrial noise is a serious issue as has long been recognized by organizations like OSHA and the CDC.

It is often difficult to manage noise. Even with the quietest tools available, the problem can still be formidable. Justrite helps you reduce the noise levels in your production and assembly areas with their QuietSite™ sound barrier kits. These kits feature basic or premium QuietSite sound barrier panels which dampen manufacturing noise by up to 50%.

The panels are equipped with grommets that allow them to be utilized either freestanding (using the steel frame included in the kit) or hung on walls or fences. Users may opt to purchase panels only which are provided in 4’ X 6’ and 4’ X 8’ sizes.

Regardless of your specific choice, you can be assured that Justrite sound barriers will be greatly appreciated by employees who are tired of yelling over tool noise just to be heard.

Cough and Sneeze Guards

The recent experience with the COVID pandemic has demonstrated the devastating effects an infectious virus can wreak on the manufacturing industry. Entire plants have shut down, with many failing to reopen. The leading health experts repeatedly extol the value of masks and social distancing.

Justrite sees the need to provide protection through isolation even when social distancing is not feasible or practical. Provide a valuable layer of protection for your workers with Justrite’s cough and sneeze guards. The sizes and configurations available allow you to provide protection for work areas, countertops, and round tables. PVC panels in an aluminum frame provide durable, yet lightweight protection.

Gas Cylinder Equipment

Factories use gas cylinders for many parts of the manufacturing process. Cutting and welding are obvious uses, but gas cylinders may be used for many other purposes. Compressed gas cylinders in a controlled environment are very safe. But when mishandled or stored improperly, their massive potential energy can become a devastating reality. Compressed gas cylinders are capable of inflicting massive mechanical damage along with their fire and explosion risk.

Justrite helps your production personnel safely move and store compressed gas cylinders. Move cylinders easily around the production floor with Justrite’s single- and double-cylinder handtrucks. The zero-lift height makes loading and unloading cylinders safe and simple. Justrite gas cylinder handtrucks can accommodate many cylinder sizes and are available with hoist rings.

For upright cylinder movement, Justrite offers 4-cylinder and 6-cylinder carts. Two sets of brackets and slots for additional support chains ensure that the cylinders stay secure while being moved.

When gas cylinders are going to remain stationary for a period of time, it is incredibly important that they be secured from falling. No matter your application, Justrite has a cylinder storage system for you. Use Justrite cylinder brackets for low-profile cylinder storage. Easily mountable to walls or other stationary objects, Justrite can help secure anywhere from 1 to 4 cylinders per bracket.

If a more traditional rack- or barricade-style storage is in order, there is a Justrite solution. Justrite has single-wide barricades and up to 5-wide X 4-deep racks. Heavy steel construction with integral safety chains ensure that cylinders remain safe and secure. Cryogenic cylinder racks are also available.

If a cylinder stand is more in order for your assembly line, Justrite has process cylinder stations that can secure up to 6 cylinders. Justrite’s traditional stands handle up to 8 cylinders, and our mobile stands are perfect for portable gas cylinder storage. All stations and stands feature two heavy-duty polypropylene straps per cylinder for positive security.

Industrial gas cylinders have necessarily heavy steel construction. This means that they can weigh a significant amount. When multiples of cylinders need to be moved, a forklift is often the most efficient method. Justrite helps you safely move compressed gas cylinders via a forklift using our forklift gas cylinder pallet racks. Justrite forklift pallets can accommodate anywhere from 2 to 21 cylinders. Pallets containing 6 or more cylinders feature a folding steel ramp to ease the loading and unloading process.

With propane-powered forklifts being extremely popular in manufacturing facilities, properly storing their propane fuel tanks can be a challenge. Justrite meets the challenge with its cage locker style cylinder storage cabinets. Justrite’s cylinder lockers feature aluminum construction suitable for indoor or outdoor storage. Safely store up to 16 horizontal LPG cylinders or 20 vertical compressed gas cylinders.

Aerosol Can Recycling

Aerosol cans have countless uses in manufacturing. From paint to protectants, it seems that most every sprayable product is available in an aerosol can application. The problem with aerosol cans is that they are pressure vessels.

When exposed to fire or punctured, aerosol cans turn into mini missiles that wreak havoc out on the assembly line. Their pressurization and often-dangerous contents also make it difficult to recycle their valuable steel. Justrite helps you solve both problems with our Aerosolv® aerosol can recycling system.

With the Aerosolv system, aerosol cans are safely depressurized into a container. This removes the dangerous contents and transforms the can into recyclable non-hazardous waste. A high-efficiency filter prevents any VOCs (volatile organic compounds) from escaping. And a built-in indicator alerts users when the filter needs to be replaced.

Spill Containment Berms

Quickly handle spills in the production area by using a spill containment berm. Not only are berms easy to deploy, but they contain the spill without expending consumables such as oil dry and absorbent pads. In many cases, the berm can be decontaminated and reused.

Whether you need to deploy a berm under a piece of leaking production equipment or drive a forklift with a leaking load into the berm, Justrite has a spill containment berm for you. Our Quick-Berm line with patented Rigid-Lock wall support provides drive-in spill containment for drums, IBC totes and tanks.

Justrite offers a wide range of spill containment berms accessories to improve the berms longevity without sacrificing functionality. Track mats, track runners and ground mats provide additional protection for the drive-over berm while making vehicle alignment quick and accurate. Berm repair kits are also available.

Since spills come in all shapes, sizes and locations, the Justrite Make-A-Berm™ system allows you to build a berm in any application, shape or environment. Customize an ideal spill solution without needing to move existing equipment. Make-A-Berm provides a durable, semi-permanent custom spill system in compliance with EPA and SPCC requirements.

Eagle Products

Traffic Management Devices

Keeping vehicles and pedestrians moving together efficiently and safely through the production areas does not occur by chance. It first requires careful study of movement patterns, and then marking out the most effective travel lanes.

Eagle helps you handle your plant traffic with its full line of traffic management devices. Establish safe parking areas for forklifts and other vehicles with Eagle’s parking stops available in several colors. And avoid low-clearance accidents with Eagle’s HDPE suspended clearance bars.

Eagle’s plastic guidepost delineators are lightweight, portable, and yieldable. They are an excellent means for marking out vehicle and pedestrian travel areas. Available in three colors, Eagle guidepost delineators have quick and easy installation and removal, allowing for adjustment to changing traffic patterns.

Bollard Posts, Bollard Covers, and Pole/Column Protectors

The materials-handling side of your business is a big operation. Feedstock arrives and is used, and finished products leave the plant. Ensuring everything gets to where it needs to be requires both forethought as well as the establishment of well-marked travel lanes.

Eagle helps you clearly mark intended travel lanes with high-visibility steel and plastic bollards. Available in 24- to 42-inch lengths, Eagle bollards help you take control of your vehicle movement. And if your facility has steel or concrete bollards that are faded and dull, Eagle can help you quickly revive them to a high-visibility finish with protective and decorative bollard covers. These are available in eight different colors and various sizes and finishes to suit any application.

While materials are moving about the plant, it makes good sense to protect the plant where forklift travel is exposed to tight turns and narrow spots. Eagle protects your plant’s structural members with our line of pole and column protectors. Made of high-impact HDPE, Eagle’s protectors come in four colors and can protect poles and columns anywhere from 8 to 12 inches in dimeter.

Salvage and Overpack Drums

Liquids of all types are used throughout the production and finishing process, and spills can occur in almost countless ways. Many of these liquids are likely toxic and/or flammable. Regardless, you want to be prepared to safely contain and manage a spill that may impact production.

If the spill is coming from a leaking container, one of the quickest and most effective methods to contain it is to place the leaking container in a drum specially designed to contain spills. Eagle prepares your facility to effectively perform the task with HDPE salvage and overpack drums.

In addition to holding leaking containers, these Eagle drums are also excellent for containing contaminated absorbents once they have been used in spill response. Available in 20- to 95-gallon sizes, Eagle salvage and overpack drums safely secure most hazardous waste while it awaits disposal at a hazardous waste disposal facility.

Ramps and Dockplates and Wall, Rack, and Corner Guards

Your loading/unloading docks are a very active place. Trucks load and offload materials while forklifts are in constant motion supporting the process. Getting materials in and out of your plant is critical to smooth and continuous operation. With so many things happening at once in one area, there are many opportunities for an accident to occur.

Eagle’s fixed and portable dockplates and ramps help safely bridge the gap between the truck and loading dock. Constructed of HDPE, Eagle’s dockplates and ramps deploy quickly, can hold up to 750 lbs., and accommodate most handtrucks and dollies. Eagle’s curb ramp is the perfect answer when loads need to negotiate a curb.

Getting loads to and from the trucks without incident is also a task requiring serious consideration. Eagle helps you protect your facility and its storage fixtures, along with your materials-handling equipment, from damage while materials are in transit. Eagle’s wall, rack, and corner guards help you keep minor contact from causing major damage. 

Checkers Products

Cable Protectors

Cables are like the arteries and veins of manufacturing. Almost all of your equipment and tools have cables, hoses, or wiring. Safe and successful cable runs are able to pass through pedestrian and vehicle travel areas without one, creating any type of impediment or hazard, or two, harming the cables.

This can be a sizable task, especially if the cables’ paths take them through high-traffic areas. Checkers solves your cabling problems with our line of Guard Dog®, Linebacker®, and Yellow Jacket® cable protectors.

If heavy equipment—such as dump trucks, 18-wheelers, or even cranes—must safely pass over cables, Checkers’ heavy-duty and extreme-duty cable protectors have up to 5 channels and can accommodate up to 3.25-inch lines. For light vehicle traffic, Checkers’ medium-duty cable protectors also offer up to 5 channels with spacing for up to 2.25-inch lines.

When the main goal is to protect cables from pedestrian traffic, Checkers is there with a full range of Fastlane® light-duty cable protectors in multiple colors. Low-profile cable protectors are perfect for running phone and computer lines within your manufacturing offices. ADA-compliant cable protectors provide cable protection without compromising accessibility.

If it is more efficient or feasible to pass cables overhead as opposed to the floor, Checkers has the quick and simple answer. The Quick Hook cable hanger installs in seconds and is easily movable. Checkers’ Quick Hooks let you suspend cables, freeing the work area from potential hazards and clutter.

If what you need to pass through a travel area is a hose, then your task to provide safe, unimpeded egress just became more challenging. Checkers meets the challenge with our line of Diamondback® hose tunnels and bridges. Assemble a permanent solution with Diamondback hose tunnels, connectors, and ramps that can be customized to your needs and are capable of passing hoses up to a 6.25-inch inside diameter.

Since it is never safe to run over a hose even once, Checkers provides a quick-deploying temporary solution. Diamondback hose bridges can be set and taken up in seconds. Built to accommodate heavy vehicles such as fire apparatus, Diamondback hose bridges provide safe passage for hoses up to a 6.5-inch inside diameter.

Ground Protection and Stabilization

If your manufacturing process requires you to move heavy equipment, e.g., a crane, over unpaved surfaces, prior ground preparation is required to ensure the crane is stable during the lift and does not get stuck moving into or out of position.

Quickly prep the ground with Checkers’ AlturnaMAT® ground protection mats. AlturnaMATs are made from super-durable, 0.5-inch-thick polyethylene. Capable of supporting up to 120 tons and available in 4’ X 8’, AlturnaMATs are ideal for use over soft or sensitive ground conditions.

When any vehicle deploys outriggers or jacks, it is important to place an outrigger pad at the jack/ground interface. Outrigger pads prevent the jack from sinking into the ground and also functions to spread the load over a larger area. Because of their critical nature, placing outrigger pads is part of the OSHA requirement for crane operations.

Checkers’ SafetyTech® outrigger pads are lightweight yet durable and can support up to 70 tons. The proprietary engineered thermoplastic material does not splinter, warp, or delaminate.

When more permanent ground stability is required, Checkers helps you accomplish this without the expense of pouring concrete or laying asphalt. Checkers’ GeoGrid® cellular grid paving system is a system of high load-bearing geopavers that can be linked together to form vehicle or pedestrian travel surfaces.

Once laid, the grid can be filled in with seeded soil or decorative stones for additional stability. The self-draining design ensures that standing water is quickly dispersed. Capable of supporting up to 350 tons, Checkers’ GeoGrid system is an incredibly cost-efficient way to stabilize ground surfaces around your manufacturing areas.

Wheel Chocks

OSHA requires wheel chocks under the rear wheels of trucks and trailers when they are being loaded or offloaded by forklifts. In your manufacturing and materials handling areas, this can be an around-the-clock process. It is your facility’s responsibility to provide the wheel chocks.

Justrite helps you achieve compliance while ensuring the safety of those working in and around trucks. Urethane and rubber general purpose wheel chocks are a simple and inexpensive choice for securing trucks at your docks. When wheel chocking is required for super-heavy equipment or in a variable terrain environment, Checkers is there with heavy-duty urethane and all-terrain wheel chocks.

Speed Bumps and Humps

In and around your manufacturing and materials handling areas, you may find it necessary to install traffic speed management devices. When people are very familiar with travel areas—like they generally are with their work areas—they tend to drive too fast. If the situation is not addressed, it can turn into a costly accident.

Checkers helps you enforce plant speed limits with our full line of speed bumps and speed humps. Checkers’ standard and Easy Rider® speed and alley bumps are excellent for controlling vehicle speed and refocusing distracted drivers. Available in 4’, 6’, and 9’ models, Checkers speed bumps are made of 100% recycled materials.

When a uniform, consistent profile, and a smooth, safe ride are paramount at your manufacturing property, Checkers’ Safety Rider® speed humps are the solution. Lightweight, simple to install and remove, and made from recycled materials, the Safety Rider speed hump is ideal for gently informing drivers to check their speed. End caps are also available to provide a safe and protective finish.

NoTrax Products

Work Area Mats

At their manufacturing work stations, your employees are keenly aware of the surface under their feet. Working surfaces that are uncomfortable, or worse, slippery can have all manner of negative consequences ranging from low morale to acute and chronic workplace injuries.

Providing a safe and comfortable working surface improves productivity while enhancing safety. One of the most cost-effective and easiest solutions is installation of high-quality mats. NoTrax helps you expertly address your production area matting needs. If non-slip is your primary requirement or you need anti-fatigue mats, NoTrax has them just about any way you want them. By the roll, pre-cut, custom cut, or interlocking tiles, NoTrax has a mat for every space.

When your manufacturing mat needs are slightly out of the ordinary, NoTrax has thought of it and made a mat for it. If you want your mat to handle standing water, the NoTrax drainage mats allow liquids to pass through while providing a non-slip working surface. Drainage mats are available in anti-fatigue construction to combine the best NoTrax features in one mat.

Static electricity in manufacturing can be a nuisance. It often shocks personnel as well as causes parts to stick together. It can also be a hazard to processes, including even being an ignition source. Help manage static electricity on the production floor with Notrax’s electrostatic discharge (ESD) mats. 

Protect painted floors, hardwood, and specialty flooring with NoTrax hard surface floor protection mats. Available in anti-fatigue or non-slip construction, these ADA-compliant mats are backed with a non-residue adhesive to keep them in place.

If any part of your manufacturing involves food preparation, then food service grade mats are in order. NoTrax supplies food service mats for anti-fatigue and non-slip applications in both solid and drainage-style construction. NoTrax food service mats are supplied as interlocking tiles or custom cut.

Entry Mats

Mats are like car tires—you do not think much about them, but you are glad when you have good ones. In manufacturing, personnel are on their feet throughout the shift and on varying surfaces performing a myriad of tasks. What employees stand, work, and/or walk on makes a big difference. Using the appropriate mats can reduce fatigue, provide a non-slip surface, protect the floor, and soften footfall.

When considering mats, it is best to start where your personnel initially report to work. Stop dirt and moisture at the door with NoTrax outdoor entry mats. The durable all-weather mats effectively reduce the slipping hazard associated with wet floors.

Once personnel have made it inside, it is important to provide a dry surface with good traction, particularly in case of precipitation. NoTrax indoor entry mats provide an attractive non-slip surface with which to welcome everyone entering. Dozens of colors, multiple stock and roll sizes, and several patterns and fabrics means NoTrax has the perfect indoor entry mat for you. Long hallway or aisle mats as well as custom mats are available.

Footwear Cleaning

Most of the dirt and contaminants that enter your manufacturing area do so on the soles of your workers’ shoes and boots. At NoTrax, we understand that it takes a system to remove dirt, grime, and potentially infectious materials from personnel’s footwear. In order to prevent it from penetrating further into the facility where it can cause real damage, the best place to stop dirt is at the door.

For cleaning and sanitizing standard footwear, a zoned approach is recommended. NoTrax takes the difficulty out of the process with a self-contained three-zone disinfecting mat. The first zone cleans the footwear, the second zone applies a disinfectant, and the third zone is for drying. For interior areas where shoes are already clean, NoTrax provides a two-zone disinfecting and drying mat. Replacement mats are also available.

When it is industrial work boots that need to be cleaned and disinfected, NoTrax is ready. Our industrial boot-washing station features HDPE construction, a 2.5-gallon capacity of disinfectant, and replaceable inserts.